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It smells like farts in this hall Hey, what this? Ah finally this thing got here Gosh, it took me a whole month to save up a nickel just to get this ticket Now the question is, what girl my gonna ask out? Well, i guess i can ask Matilda

she's wearing a bra nowI wonder how that would go Ah yeah! two down one more to go Then you gotta show me both your ankles and let me touch your knee (ugh) Come on luck, don't fail me Ha! I knew I could do it! Hey, you better not back out I paid a whole nickel for each one of these tickets (whatever) Well, I'll feed you a meal

well, afterwards (you best not tell anybody about this) Yeah, okay

Ugh, she ain't putting out How about Anne? She's been around the playground a few times and I heard her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard Alright, you ready to blow this popsicle stand? Sure, whatever I sure like the way she's eating that cotton candy (grrr chomp) Now that's what I'm talking about

(chomp) Hey, let's go take some selfies (Mm hmm) Now that's definitely gonna be a good night ice cream cones and banana splits forgot about Josh though yeah well out of sight out of mind each who's been fortin me your brain he skid marks either way the goon Oh a link think fast DC or marvel hey models Oh rate link when you get job use me we look at their blubber hey guys josh is coming over forget dance Saturday night hey what you doin wife's wedding that night hey do you have smooth ribs oozed hell will freeze over that is unless you can keep quite that night right about the noise levels and the white stuff that's preposterous I guess you'll have a grand old time do you know she's gonna see the night on Instagram not to mention the youtube uploads i'm sure you'll do the right thing you know when I was your age in order for me to imagine how to lose some weight I like them saddlebags shared sends nice see what about forms of payment we take all forms canopy with the people sure array we keep stealing in Moodle brill boy you're so freaking link he to TLC we deep street you could say never lady how do i do it twice tonight it's really hard pleasure way to piss in your pants like that just pushing natural damage himself come on into wassup hold on let's get your bat was listening word evil Kardashian crap welp I guess I know what to do better call in I just want to sound like a pool and a screw it but I got to lose anyway I got swag just asking my Rico suave voice on less that back parts like last time a screw and always try anything once hey and boil and puts tank well this week at best what we know thank you queef oh god having to stop calling need another angle just pushing natural feminine self hmm links right why not hey I'm we're going out Saturday night well I stapled myself uh-huh son left to purple bra something already well that'll be fine okay what time possibly his lofi eight o'clock saturday work i think there's more on amazon for sure they'll score by a date with a wood saturday

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations