9 Modern Dating Rules ALL Women Must Follow

Hey there, Adam LoDolce from SexyConfidencecom where I help the 21st century woman create a love life that she absolutely freaking loves

And in this video right now I'm going to be talking about the 9 modern dating rules that all women must follow Keep watching Now, I think we can all admit that dating has seriously f****** changed over the past 30 years Cell phones, the internet, social changes, feminism, all this stuff has transformed the way that we find love A lot of it has really been for the good, but some of it has definitely been for the bad

And although I hate making dating rules, I had to do it I had to make this video Because I've been talking to a lot of my single guy friends and I've learned that some of you, and hopefully none of you sexy confident ladies out there, but some of you ladies out there have been breaking some of these rules So here we go These are the 9 rules that all women must follow in the 21st century

Number nine, don't ever send him naked pictures And unless you're in a committed relationship, don't ever Snapchat him naked pictures Why? Because there's a sneaky little trick that allows us to save that snap forever You can screenshot those Snapchats Then in 30 years when you go run for President, he's gonna be collecting cash money for every single one of those pictures you sent him

Number eight is have him wear a condom Look, I want to put this in perspective for a second You have a higher chance of catching herpes than you do of dying from Russian Roulette It's true One in 5 people have herpes

And in Russian Roulette where you play that game where you only put one bullet in the revolver, you have a one in six chance of losing So definitely have him wear that condom You're gonna regret it later on in life if you don't and you catch something really bad And at the end of the day, you don't know that person until you are in that long term relationship or even married with that person And if you do have unprotected sex without a condom when you are in a long term relationship, at least make sure that person gets tested before you do that

Number seven Give him a chance even if you don't fall in love on the first date I think it's so easy nowadays to just jump on that next shiny object, that next person I mean, we have dating apps that every single day where there's a new person and it's given us that dating ADD Right? We go on that first date and we feel, eh, this is not necessarily that strong

So we just jump on to the next person And we judge the book so badly by its cover that we forget that there's a whole book underneath it You might not have just given that guy enough of a chance Right? Especially this is true when you're meeting people online I think we just go through people very, very quickly and we are so judgmental on that first date

And I'm here to tell you that not all guys are great at first dates You might need a little bit of time to get to know them a little bit more and give them that chance before just jumping onto the next guy Number six is don't let him film you having sex Now, you might be jealous of Kim Kardashian's money, big butt, and glamour, but you're probably not jealous of her sex tape up on PornHubcom

Look, it might be tempting, it might be kinky to wanna videotape while you're in bed, but until you're married to a person, or maybe you don't even want to do it when you're married, until you can truly trust someone with that and know that they would never, ever, ever release it to anyone else or never, ever look at it if you guys broke up, then it's probably better off to not do that and find other ways to get kinky in the bedroom Number five, don't tell him your address unless you really know him You might think if he knows your address he can pick you up for a date, send you flowers, come for your TV But once he knows your address, he can also kill you Now I'm not here to scare you fully, just make sure you've vetted the guy

Make sure you spend enough time with him to know that he's a good guy Make sure you've met some of his friends and have a full picture of who he is before he knows exactly where you live Because once he knows it, he can't un-know it Number four is offer to pay for the first date On a first date, always do the purse pull out

And it's ok, you can take a few minutes fumbling around in your purse No, no, no, no I've got it I got it, ok? It's on me tonight Ok, I'll get dessert

Number three, don't ghost on someone if you made plans with them I see it a lot I think 21st century dating causes good people to be kind of shitty sometimes If you make specific plans with someone and you have to break them, then at least call that person or text that person and let them know you can't make it Don't just ghost

And I know some of you are probably saying, "Well, guys ghost on me" Yeah, they might do that, but you have to be the bigger person moving forward with guys that you're meeting Don't allow 21st century dating to get you down You need to rise above it and don't ghost on someone if you've made those plans Number two is don't break up with someone over text, over Facebook, over Instagram, and over Snapchat

And, to be safe, Pinterest Now, if you just started seeing someone and you've only gone on one date, fine I get it Maybe there's a you perform the fade out and it doesn't really end up moving going anywhere

I get it But once it becomes more serious and you've gone on more than three dates, then it is your responsibility to actually have the courage to call that person to end this situation They deserve that closure, and, you know what? It's gonna make you feel better as a person to do that I remember when I was single, I started doing that type of closure I would actually call someone and just say, look, I don't see there being much connection

I just want to be kind of straightforward with you on that I didn't want to leave you hanging And almost every I'll say almost, but almost every time I did that, I got a thank you saying, "Wow, thank you so much for calling I really appreciate you doing that And number one, don't fall in love with someone that you either just met or, even worse, someone that you've never met When you meet a guy you really like and have never met him in person or have only gone out with a couple of times, I want you to fight your heart Come on Andrea, just go for it

Fall for him He seems perfect Listen to Sexy Confidence Just take it slow, keep your options open, and relax Don't fall in love with a stranger and definitely don't get cat-fished

Okay? Give it some time before you really allow yourself to fall totally head over heels for that person So there you have it, those are the 9 dating rules that all women must follow in the 21st century I wanna ask you, which rules have you broken in the last month? I want you to leave a comment right there below And also, if you want more tips, strategies, and advice to really help you find the love life that you've really been looking for, then go ahead and click right here or head on over to Sexy Confidencecom where I have a ton of material that's gonna help you through every single stage of dating and relationships

And also, if you enjoyed this video please give it a like on YouTube That really helps me out a lot And don't forget to subscribe on YouTube for more videos just like this every single week Thank you so much for watching and I'll speak to you next Thursday Bye bye

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