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GET READY WITH ME Hello, guys! How are you today? Today I'll do a video that I haven't done in a long time That is Get ready with me, where I show you everything I do to get ready for a date

In this opportunity, Max Factor asked me to try its new Velvet collection to create very sexy eyes I did a smokey eye make-up that wins everyone's heart You know that there isn't anything better than knowing the tricks and secrets of other women to get ready for these situations, when we never know how to make up or what to wear You can find inspiration here If you want to know how I got ready for this date, let's watch the video

I'm starting like this, with no make-up and dark circles, that we'll cover later I'll start by using a primer so that the foundation will last during the whole date, because we don't want to get greasy skin Today, I'll use this one called Facefinity Now, I'm going to use a foundation that, as you saw on my last video, is called Miracle Match by Max Factor And I love it because it blends perfectly well and blends with your skin tone

Besides, it's very light It's not at all heavy and that's very important for a date, because you don't want to feel a thick paste of make-up Now I'll define and make up my eyebrows You know that's crucial in every make-up routine I'll start with my eye look

To start, I'm going to use a primer In this case, I'll use a cream shadow that has my same skin tone, or a little lighter This will help the shadow to adhere very well, and don't forget to put on foundation under your eyes Today I'll use this eyeshadow palette called Smokey eye drama kit It has beautiful neutral shades

I'll start with this cream color to highlight below my eyebrows I'll also use this color on my eyelid and a little bit near the tear duct to continue highlighting I'm going to use this second color which will be the star of my make-up It's beautiful I don't know how to describe it

It's like a golden brown color It's beautiful I'll put it on my eyelid Now with a brush, I'm going to use this brown shadow and I'll put it between the golden brown color and the white color to blend Finally, for depth, I'll choose this brown matte on the right corner and I'll put it on the corner of my eye

And then a little bit on the inside, but just a little bit Now, I'll use this eyeliner called Masterpiece by Max Factor In my opinion, the most important part of the make-up for a date is the look The cat eyeliner makes the eye look wider, sexy and gives a seductive look Now I'll clean the part below my eyes to conceal dark circles, to highlight, to look more fresh with a cream concealer

You can use the one that you prefer Lately, I've been using a wet sponge to blend the concealer and create a more natural look FACEFINITY COMPACT COVERAGE Now I'll finish my face make-up with this powder and a very big brush I put on more powder in the center of my face where we tend to get oily skin and I blend the rest in circles Now, I'll use the dark shadow and, with a very thin brush, I'll define my lower lashes

A step you cannot miss is the eyelash curler to widen them and make them look longer Today I'll use this mascara called Velvet volume It has a brush with plastic bristles, as you can see here Besides, it has a mousse-like formula to deliver smoother lashes And it delivers more volumised lashes

You'll see when I finish You won't need fake eyelashes With that, I finish my eye make-up Let's continue with the face As we did smokey eyes, the rest of the make-up has to be softer

So we'll get a bronzer and put it on my cheeks, as if it was a blush I also contour my nose I'll take the Lavish Onyx palette that has a satin white color that we can use as highlighter, which really surprised me You can see the beautiful glow This is a very good tip in case you don't have a highlighter

I'll use a lip liner color similar to my lip tone And I'll use Lipfinity Evermore Sublime, that I love because it's really creamy and it looks like the color of my lips, but better This is the make-up look for a very special date with the person that you like the most Besides, you can give very sexy looks and now let's continue with the hair For my hair, now that it's short, I love a very relaxed wavy hair

So I take the hair curler, also known as curling tongs, curling iron, well, you know what it is I always like to curl outward so it gets more movement I roll my hair and I wait 15 seconds so it gets hot and then I release it And while I release it I help to make the wave Then I just move it like this and my hairstyle is easily done

Now, let's get dressed For my outfit, I already knew what I was going to wear that day because I have a dress I couldn't wear yet It's this one and I love that it's open in the front Besides, it's gray which goes perfectly well with my smokey eyes And I can't decide between these two pairs of shoes

Finally, I chose these because I like these crossed strings I haven't worn heels lately because I usually wear sneakers or flats to go to university, so this date is the perfect opportunity to wear heels I put on shimmer body lotion on my legs so they'll look more tan and fit This is how I look in this outfit I actually love how I look

It's a close-fitting dress, but not too much Besides, it's long so it looks great For the cold, I'll wear this black coat that always suits me and a black bag for the cell phone, the keys and the lipstick I'll take the last details from here, which are the accessories and a nice perfume I love to smell good

Lately, I love using strong fragrances so I almost shower myself in perfume You can't miss this The only accessory I'll use is this watch Well, except for my pearls that are always with me I'm ready

Well, guys This is it for today I hope you really liked this look You can use this make-up not just for a date, but any formal event you may have A presentation at university

It looks discreet and very elegant If you like this video, click like I'll appreciate it with all my heart I'd love you to follow me on Snapchat I'm PauGalindo and on Instagram, I'm Pautips

You'll find the links to my social networks below, in the information box Right there That's it See you next time! Bye!

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