At Least Give Me A Kiss 💋 #3 The Dating Code

Have you ever noticed how many rules we follow when we hang out with someone? Man must pay The woman never writes first

And the Three Days Rule! Even if you've been on a fairytale date the man thinks he has to wait 3 days to write to you Three days or what? I do not like you if you write to me just after our meeting? I'm sure it happened to you too

Let's see if we find answers I know many who follow these rules I'm not a fan

Much depends on the person you go out with and their cultural background Reason for which we are often confused It is a path that you do not have to follow to make a relationship work Traditionally it is the man and not the woman who invites the other to a romantic date If the man is interested, he will usually come forward

It should be him making the first move I only had 2 girls who asked me out I do not want to make the first move because I'm afraid of being rejected You could lose an opportunity if you always wait for him to make the first move I think the man should pay on the first date

I'll open the door for you and I expect to have to pay for it I appreciate when he offers to pay, but I do not pretend to do it

But the fact that she stared at the bill and then me Are the Germans? Both pay the same amount? He did not even touch the purse It is not an economic choice It is what it represents He did not even thank me when I paid

Equal is the same, right? "Why do not you text me? I want to talk to you" And I say: "Write to him" And they: "I can not write them first!" But who says ?! We all have mobile phone in hand always If you want to write to someone, write to them Wait and see if they contact you first

And you think: "Le piaccio" If you like the other, he will not think: "But he did not wait for the right time to write to me" And if he does not write you, think "Shit" And you can contact her And if she answers right away? "Yes, I have it in my hands!" If you give your number, you do not want to hear that person the day after

Do not text someone just because "Hey, how do you throw it? I saw bla bla" Create a good impression "Do not text the other immediately" if you do not want to look desperate He thinks: "She did not answer me for 2 days, when she writes me I do not answer for 4 days, AH" If you like me, I'll take her out It's just that I did not have my cell phone

Excuse me, the world does not revolve around you I take a shower before going out, because I like her "You have to wait 3 days so she will think you're cool" Fuck like a little girl We live in a society so fast that no one has time to wait If you want to text someone, do it! I wait for you to write to me She waits for me to write to you And so neither contacted the other This is the story of love

We will always ask when to call, write, or when the other will contact us These rules are used to establish control For me, a healthy relationship is not based on who controls who You might want the same thing, but because of those rules, you will not get it Third day Perhaps he will write to me Or I will do it! Who has time for these games nowadays? Just to say This is all for today

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations