Ballady i romanse [#15] Zasady randkowania: Fascynacja i inspiracja [PLENG]

Always when you watch romantic films the couples are so special, their love is so special and their life is so fascinating It makes us ask: how to do it? And this is the topic of this episode

BALLADS AND ROMANCES EPISODE 15: DATING RULES – FASCINATION AND INSPIRATION Good morning, God bless, It's BALLADS & ROMANCES (if you haven't noticed what you're watching) Today, as it has been announced, the third part of the dating rules trilogy – the last dating rule (of course there are 170 rules but in order not to make too many episodes, we have only three) I would call it simply FASCINATION & INSPIRATION Dears, dating is of course working, talking, getting to know each other, but the third type of this work and learning each other is discovering what fascinating things we can do together, what fascinating things are our passions, what we do in our free time and in the busy time, how we work and unwind, how we meet people, visit people, react to friends and strangers, react in stressful situations, in anger, etc We need to try especially in this pre-marriage period (this is the main topic of this season of BALLADS & ROMANCES), to see each other in our natural environment

What do I mean? When you observe animals in a zoo, they are not in their natural habitat and you can't analyze their behaviours In order to see how a lion behaves, you need to go its place of living and see it in its environment So one of the form of dating should be taking each other to all places of your life and when I'm saying "places" I don't mean streets, houses, etc but realities in which you live For example, if the boyfriend is fascinated by this, this and that, sorry that I'm not listing concrete things but everybody has a different list, he must take his girlfriend with him to show her what he does and see how she will react to it

If she is fascinated by this and that, she should invite his boyfriend into it to show him what fascinates her and what she is like One stupid example If for that girl the basic form of spending holidays (it's only an example) is lying on a beach and frying her body in the sun, even when it's forty degrees Celcius, seven days a week, 24/7, he must experience it and see if he can live through it because that's probably what all their holidays will look like If he is a cycling fan and has to go 16,000 km every holiday, preferably with altitude differences of about 1,000 m, loves riding on hills, she must go there too, as this is what a lot of their time will look like To be clear: she doesn't have to like and do everything he likes and does and the other way round, but this will be a part of your life and you can't omit in it the passions, hobbies, fascinations of your partner

Loving somebody means loving all their things and participating in all these things, sure, to a certain degree, etc But it can't be that you love somebody but your life is on a separate track, that you love somebody but have your own interests and passions and you partner doesn't understand them – you can't live this way I've seen billions of such marriages (I'm exaggerating) of two people leading two fascinating but separate lives, they have two bank accounts, two types of travelling, two types of holidays, of passions, pleasures, entertainment, two types of working, and in fact, I don't know why they are a couple Love is not like that He must fascinate you with his passions and you must share them at least a bit

She must fascinate you with her passions and you must share them at least a bit (I said it in a messy way but I think you get what I mean) It's very important, and if your dating means that you meet every weekend, as on other days you're busy, and spend the afternoon and evening on lying on a couch, watching some series and feeling so good together, I give you 120,000% guarantee that your marriage will collapse Sorry You won't spend your whole marriage on watching series, and if you do, the quicker it will collapse Man, if you are to date with her, be creative and if you adhered to Rule 2, and listened to her, you should know her passions and interests, what is beautiful to her, and for the next date you should take her to a place or propose and organize an event that she would like based on what you've heard when listening to her; this way, you participate in her passions

Woman, I know you feel so good when you're with him, you feel safe and you can just sit with him because it's so nice NO! Go with him to where he has his passions, even if you don't like them too much, sit with him and learn what he is like in that place Get to know him as your life and functioning together will be like that (I hope you understand me) Getting to know each other involves active and creative learning who we are, not only through knowledge but observation in various situations We need it really a lot

So the Rule no 3 (I don't remember how I called it, I will probably twist it somehow) fascination and passion? I invented it spontaneously because I didn't know how to call it Remember – see each other in your natural environment and learn to be in the environment of your loved one because, dear man, you will have to sunbathe with her and you, dear woman, will have to cycle through Europe with her as otherwise it won't be real love so get to know it earlier, while dating don't only watch movies because you feel so good with each other Rule no 3 Fascination and passion, (was it like that?) SUBSCRIBE Watch other episodes

Acknowledgments to LULIRAJ for making the place available for the film set

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