Cat Greenleaf’s First Cruise: Romantic Date Night | Princess Cruises

(Title: Date Night) People tell you you're supposed to have a date night once a week I don't know what day that is

It was Friday and Friday evening is Formal Night So, not only did I get to go on a date with my husband, but I got to dress up

We left the boys with their grandmother All right, goodbye, I love you

Bye guys, bye Grammy Bye See you tomorrow I love you

I love you so much And frankly, that was the last time I thought about them until I got home So, it's a testament to how relaxed I felt and how well taken care of I thought they were, that I could go out on a date and enjoy myself Good evening, Buona Sera, welcome to Sabatini's Thank you so much! (Sign: Sabatini's) We had dinner at Sabatini's, which is a standalone restaurant within all the different options here on the ship

And from the waiters to the wine to the food to their accents to the desserts, every detail felt authentic and thought through It's fun to look at your spouse with new eyes You know, I felt lucky when I was gettin' round to date I felt lucky to have an opportunity to have dinner with a great guy to whom I happen to be married

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations