Communication Skills Building: House Rules and Dating (Scenario 1)

[Footsteps] >>What is that? Kyla? April? Kyla? April? How many times do I have to tell you to not to eat in the living room? >>I'll get that, mama >>Kyla, did you turn that essay in? Your teacher said that's the only way you're going to pass her class

>>Yes >>What's wrong with you? >>Nothing, ma >>Get out of my house! Didn't I tell you not to have anybody in the house? You think you grown, doing what you want? This is my house! My house! My house! I can't believe she acted like that I mean, she totally embarrassed me in front of Kimon She wouldn't even listen

She says I can't have a boyfriend till I'm 18 She's crazy, right? My friend, Sheila, has being with boys since the sixth grade I don't know why she just can't trust that I'm not going to do anything crazy I mean, she's so suspicious for no reason I try to talk to her about Kimon, who is very nice but, she doesn't want to hear it

That's why I have to sneak She won't listen I mean, it's not like he's selling drugs or anything Him and his friend Shawn are starting a band, and she's going to be really mad when they blow up I hope Kimon doesn't say anything in school

I hope he doesn't break up with me >>That girl is so hardheaded! I specifically said nobody up in the house when I'm not here Since starting the seventh grade, nothing but headaches! Sometimes I feel like I could just – ooh! [Sighing] And what does she know about wanting a boyfriend? And she has her 10-year-old sister in the room with him Next thing I know, April will be talking about boyfriends I mean, I know kids are starting to do stuff earlier than we did, but there is no way that I'm letting her date at 13

That is not going to happen I can't trust her as far as I can throw her Now I know why her English grades are slipping I'm taking every phone out of this house and the little cell phone her father gave her I told him a 13-year old doesn't need a cell phone

[Sighing] I don't know what she's racing towards There is time for boys Her education is what is important [Pause] [Music] >>Why is that boy in my house? >>That's Kimon, her boyfriend >>Sit down

Is that why you're failing English? >>No, mom That's not why Kimon is just my friend >>But didn't I tell you no friends in the house without my permission? Yes, but– >>But what? >>I didn't think you were going to let me– >>So you decided to sneak behind my back? >>I just know that nothing I say you're going to listen to >>Kyla, you have time for boys

I need you to focus on school! >>My friends have boyfriends and their mothers– >>I'm not their mother! >>That's what I'm talking about You don't listen >>Well, I guess that goes for both of us >>I'm just saying, Sheila and her mother try to work things out so that she can trust Sheila >>April, what do you think about what your sister's saying? >>Um, I don't know

>>Move over Why not? >>I think that she really likes Kimon >>But don't I have a rule about no friends in the house without my permission, especially a boy? >>Yes >>I don't want either one of you sneaking behind my back >>Yes, mama

>>So, Miss Kyla, what can we work on so that I can trust you? >>I would like you to meet Kimon He's very nice >>We will see [Pause]

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations