Hamburguesas y cita romántica ~ #Fredcember 26

-Let's go? -Lets go -I'm recording

-Oh We'back to our usual setting Rayen Faúndes Merino asks if she can be the first question from this Q&A Yes, you can Christy Brock asks what's the best date we had in 2015

And, for me, a very nice date we had is when we went to the Tiergarten in Berlin It was the beginning of the summer We were on a boat and it's one of the most romantic things we've done

We'll add some clips from that, because it was such a pretty day A date I remember fondly and in which we had a great time was when we saw "Hop Along" live, and it was here in November

"here in November"? Here, in November One of– One of the most entertaining dates we've had is when we say "Hop Along" live– Fran is laughing because I removed my pants I'm doing this naked We saw "Hop Along" here in London at the beginning of November It was super fun

Do you remember that time when we did the Q&A and I took my pants off? -Yeah, that was five minutes ago -It was super fun You are literally naked right now If you don't know, one of Ed's favorite bands is "Hop Along", so when we found out they came I mean, when we knew they were coming here, Ed was like "ooooh" -It was a great date -And they signed my vinyl -I was very happy

-Yeah And, finally, Marguerite Lehman asks if Hamburguesa and Cereal had a "treat yo self" what would they do in their "treat yo self"? If you don't know, the "treat yo self" is a joke from "Parks and Recreation", and

and in an episode the characters do a "treat yo self day" which is basically buy something useless and– Loving yourself and treating yourself We decided that Hamburguesa would have a day of complete lonelyness with me and Ed, because Hamburguesa is very jealous, and when we pet Cereal he sometimes gets anger attacks and scratches his scratch post in anger, or cryes for attention, so

so I think Hamburguesa's perfect day would be to be the only child for a whole day But it's weird because he doesn't like to be petted too much If there's too much attention, no

We think the best is for us to stand like this, and Hamburguesa in the middle, like so And touching him sometimes, but not that often And Cerealita would go to a spa and she would do her nails and then to eat Cereal loves to sleep on top of the heater, so She loves feeling really hot air and she doesn't get burn, maybe because she has too much fur

A sauna, that was it Yeah She would be in a sauna the whole day, and then she would go to have a feist of wet food Her favorite For all you guys in Mexico asking for my book (thank you) You can buy a copy of my book in "wwwbuscalibrecl" If you are anywhere in the world and you want to buy my book (currently in Spanish only), buy it from "wwwbuscalibrecl" And for the chileans, I'll leave a list of all the book stores where you can buy it, in the description box

And yes I know I was wrong

I know that– MY BIRTHDAY IS IN JANUARY! MY BIRTHDAY IS IN JANUARY, ALSO! ME TOO! I realized that I'm sorry, I— HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! OK, no more questions, please! It's ok, I get it!! I'm sorry! Fran doesn't want any more questions No more questions No more Frannerd sucks! Boo! Hang her! Burn her! Burn her! Burn her!

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