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photographer I have DMV license photos where I am photogenic It's like I am photogenic I just it's like it just like it's just an attribute it's not

I I'm like of course it's me You know it's like it just when those things like you are you aren't It's just whatever

So, I've had DMV photo licenses taken, and I, like even when it was wearing, like a bedraggled sweatshirt and was rainy outside and I look good And I was like, "How did this happen? Thank You God You know because it's like, you're stuck with that license for about five years you know So that's great Most folks, it's like, I look good, and then there's how I look when a professional photographer photographs me

I look like a model Not like a model model like I'm actually gonna be on like on Vogue or something like that It's like I look great, and I still look like me And that's one of the things to look for, and I'll go on this more next week in terms of what you look for in their portfolio is that people look good and they still look like a human being and this is one of things about like stuff to be wary of when you're searching other people's profiles is look that they've got photographs and kind of demonstrate they're probably a real person they're doing stuff there's a variety of pictures there even if they've got a cup Southern California it is not unusual that people or maybe actually an actor or actress or a model or some kind of a professional that way in the entertainment industry so they might actually already have those kind of headshots it might include a few who burn their profiles like this is fine but if that's all they have and their profile to me that's kind of like it just it's like it's not that they are fake it's just typically before I'll get into much of conversation with them as well things I'll be asking well hate you have any other photographs of just not hey if you have no pictures do you have their photographs you get specific do you have any their photographs you know you just kind of like pursuing regular life pursuing and if your hobbies or something like that and they should be able to post that within a bed like a week or so at this point is pretty much everyone has some kind of a digital camera in their life it neither one does but it's pretty ubiquitous these days if they don't to me that's just like I stop you feeling with it's like just don't bother but you know with them until they do because if they're it's I'm not worried about what what are they the label I use is their time waster they're just a time waster I'm not I'm not gonna die there was someone who I think might really be fake photos the other thing you want to do and this is something you can do in that between time when you're kind of waiting to have your photo shoot with a professional photographer when you are out pursuing some of your hobbies so a couple things that step hiking those like things everyone mentions I like to hike I actually do I have boots for it they're not paying and the frenzy which helped you would put magic like April if you know we're picked to begin with the first day of hiking they will be brown anyway and I was like oh okay um I do have them that I do actually go hiking and if whatever your hobbies are try to get a couple of good just start taking clutching pictures and because you know how some of them are some they're going to be like they caught you at the wrong moment and then this would be like once it's actually pretty good so it's you like to go hiking have friends take pictures of you you're hiking you're next to the sign that says you know mile square park you know and you're like you know that kind of stuff like dim gently demonstrating the genuineness of the hobbies that you mentioned that you like to do in your profile part of what you're doing there is you are both demonstrating unreal this is genuine you're also demonstrating put yourself here that is one of the things you want to lightly do in your profile it doesn't have to be heavy-handed and sometime it is heavy-handed it's too much it's just suddenly you're communicating the kind of person you would be like to share a relationship with share a romance with here's how you know I spend my weekend I'll pay ya Super Bowl Sunday I'm guilty and hi pizza here you know not just with my friends it's gonna be fun you know like it be rooting for you not because your profile this weekend that kind of thing it's like you can say then it's in that kind of a tone or voice like look at sarcastic little became more seconds on kind of cute yeah okay I'm doing that now I do every weekend you know and then you mentioned I really like to go skiing and when do you go the next time you go skiing you know whatever it is you know you're there and it's the sighing whatever it is gets photographs of you doing that all these are things that this is part of that seasonality thing it's wintertime if you like to go skiing have a couple of pictures if it's summertime you don't have to here skiing photos in there you know it's I like the Olympics and we all have goofy sports there's some curling I don't want curling any other time I don't even watching the entire time for the Olympics but I'll probably watch a couple of like at least like 15 minutes of it it'll be just like she's fighting for words you know and there's always some kind of sport that way with the Olympics whichever amateur summer that it is and that's a seasonality thing that you can mention when it's the Olympics are on it's kind like one of those like top of mine things as well all of these are things which also help people to respond to you that's what things that kind of happen in the early days of internet dating we're all just like so happy to be talking to each other that you know the women are typically the ones who have slightly better communication skills ice breaking skills conversation starting skills that if the man didn't demonstrate that that much we would like really throw him a bone for like the first couple of emails to like help you know help him out there and women I've been doing dating long enough now that we're much more sophisticated it's like okay well I'll be a little bit for marrying with you but only for about two emails not three so both genders I'm recommending we meaning those kind of elements of not just oh hey I like to watch football oh hey I might watch golf is a little love here's how I this is what I do here are some specifics

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