How To Impress A Guy You Really Like

How To Impress A Guy You Really Like Sometimes it is not easy to dazzle a man, but when a woman proposes herself to do it, has all her weapons in her favor to achieve it successfully

Some strategies are proper of your personality, while others are the result of a work of actions and attitudes Do you want to know what are the 7 ways on how to impress a guy you really like ? Keep watching! 1 A high emotional quotient The emotional quotient is related to knowing what to say or how to act at certain times It is to be with a person with a deep sense of helping him emotionally

2 Pay dinner What is common is that men pay for dinner at the end of a date But if instead, a woman takes the initiative to grab her purse, with the intention to share the costs, some men are impressed It means confidence, and that she is happy to do it herself

3 Disagreeing with grace In the first few dates, there's no pressure to agree on everything That does not mean that there will not be differences So these do not become incompatibilities, you must learn to disagree with grace

And that is precisely another of the ways to impress a man 4 Having interesting hobbies They say men collect hobbies and women relationships But when a woman speaks on the first date about her hobbies, like trekking or sports, she gets to dazzle the man

5 Intelligence Contrary to what many say, men are interested in going out with intelligent women A woman who is intelligent and shows it impresses a man without even trying 6

Knowing how to look casual beautiful Looking beautiful at a party is a matter of care, makeup, and a cute hairstyle But looking gorgeous in a casual look is how you get to impress him This is what many men share with their friends when a girl looks splendid even on a normal day at the park 7

Live the life you want to live Life is not perfect for anybody, but meeting a woman who claims to be happy with the life she has, and is where she wants to be, is impressive in the eyes of every man People who live life with enthusiasm have a contagious attitude Did you manage to impress a man with some of these attitudes? Tell us in the comments section of this video! To learn more about How To Impress A Guy You Really Like, Just CLICK the image on the RIGHT or the link in the DESCRIPTION below to DOWNLOAD the book "FREE", and please SUBSCRIBE to this channel and SHARE this video with others

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