How to Impress a Man on a Date

How to Impress a Man on a Date Tonight you have a first date with a guy you really like

Because dates can be awkward and nerve wracking, you want to be sure you impress him You will need A nice outfit An appetite Conversation skills and personality Step 1 Dress up for your date Choose clothes that are flattering yet appropriate for the date’s venue

Step 2 Order how you normally would at a restaurant For example, don’t order a salad if you would normally order a steak – men love women who eat! Step 3 Be kind and thoughtful on the date If you’re polite to wait staff and others you encounter, he'll see you as a genuinely kind person

Step 4 Keep the conversation light, especially on a first date Stay on neutral topics and away from polarizing ones such as religion and politics Ask about a favorite book or movie to break the ice and get to know your date Step 5

Refrain from mentioning past relationships or ex-boyfriends If the date progresses into a more serious relationship, then you may share that information Step 6 Ask him questions about what interests him and how he spends his time Show an interest in what he says

Be a good listener If your date tells you he likes to golf, on your next date plan an afternoon at the driving range Even if you don’t golf, he’ll be impressed with your memory and feel flattered that you listened Step 7 Be yourself, and your personality will come through

Hint about what makes you interesting, but don't overwhelm him Offering a glimpse of what you have to offer will leave him wanting more Did you know A study showed that 97 percent of men call for a second date within the first three days

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations