How To Start Conversations With Hot Guys

Hey, this is Mat Boggs and today I want to share with you a way that you can approach men and initiate a conversation with a man while remaining feminine I recently did a video called The Seven Secrets for Finding Love this Year, and secret number four was initiate more conversations with men

And I knew one of the objections that women would have, which is the thought that, “If I initiate a conversation with a man, doesn’t that make me the pursuer? Doesn’t that make me the one who’s being masculine?” And that’s a common misconception because you could actually initiate conversation with men and remain in the feminine And what was interesting is below that video, there were a bunch of comments about, “Well, how do I do that? How do I initiate a conversation while remaining feminine and igniting his masculine?” And Maya Daniels was one of those Maya, you wrote in, “How is it that one can contact a guy in a feminine way?” And so I thought this week we would tackle that issue How can you initiate a conversation with men in a feminine way? Because when you do that, when you have the courage and the capability to actually initiate a conversation with a man in a feminine way, that opens up a whole world of possibilities to you It opens up all kinds of opportunities, possibilities for you to meet and interact with amazing men and masculine men – men that will take the lead and men that will make the plan, men who want to be the masculine in the relationship

Now, all smart dating experts know and teach that women have actually been making the first move for centuries And you may or may not know this, but you probably – if you have success with men – are making the first move Remember, as men, we’re looking for permission to approach you, permission to strike up the conversation We’re looking for that green light And so there are things you can do to give a big green light

It’s like a Stop sign giving the man a big green light, versus a red light that says, “Don’t approach me” You can turn up the volume on the green light that says, “It’s safe You can approach me You will not get your head chewed off You will not do the walk of shame back across this room

I will actually talk to you” And when you have this big green light, then that gives men permission to come up and talk to you So, what’s the green light? The green light is eye contact The green light is smiles The green light, in the even bolder way, is to wave him over to you

But what do you do if he’s not coming over to you? What do you do if you’re not even getting eye contact, like if you’re out and about and you’re at a coffee shop or a grocery store or a department store and you still want to seize the moment and interact with this man and you still want to be in the feminine? Well, here’s a strategy that you can use: knowing that one of the things that ignites masculine energy, that helps us feel more like a man is when we’re serving and providing for you One of our greatest desires is to be a provider for you, deliver you something that makes you happy, that serves you, that brings you more aliveness in your life So you can use what you know about what ignites his masculine energy, wanting to serve, and open the interaction with this line Say, “Excuse me, can I as you a question? I could really use your help with something” That’s your opening line and then, after that, just ask him for his opinion or for advice on something

And that is the way that he’s going to serve you So let’s just say you’re in an Apple store and you could approach a guy and say, “Excuse me, could I ask you a quick question?” and he’ll say, “Sure” You say, “I could really use your help with something,” and watch him That will immediately ignite his masculinity As man we say, “Anything you need

What do you need? I will help you with something” And then you simply say, “I’m looking for a gift for my brother,” or insert any male in your life that you’re related to and say, “I’m looking for a gift for my brother and I would love to get him some earphones, earbuds,” or any gadget that you want You can insert anything that you want here “I’d love to get him some earphones and I was just wondering, what is it that you would recommend?” And at that point, he’s going to give you his advice, his best recommended gift for the brother And here’s what cool

At that point, he will (if he’s interested) pick up the conversational ball, so to speak, and run with it All he really needs, all we really need as men is permission to talk to you We need that green light We need something to break the ice We need an excuse, something to say

One of the biggest reasons men don’t talk to women is they just don’t know what to say So if you can be the one to break the ice and actually create something to say, it can change your life when it comes to the amount of amazing met that you meet So let me give you another example Let’s say you’re standing in a line, and this can work for any line you’re in You’re in Costco, you’re in a grocery store, right? Coffee shop, whatever

And there’s some cute guy standing next to you You can simply say to him, “Hey, can I ask you for a quick favor?” and he’ll say, “Sure” Say, “Can you hold my spot real quick? I’m gonna go grab something?” Then you zip off, you grab whatever it is that you need, you come back, you say, “Thanks so much for holding my spot So how’s your day going anyway?” And boom, you’ve broken the ice Again, that’s all you need to do is simply break the ice, give him a reason to talk to you, and then you’re off and running

Now, he may ask you out at the end of that conversation or he may not But you won’t be left wondering “what if” What could’ve happened if you actually interacted with him? You don’t want to be left on the sidelines wondering, “What would happen if I actually get engaged with my life and with these opportunities?” This is an opportunity for you to be seizing the moment, to carpe diem, to be bold, to be brave, to be beautiful, and when you do, you’re going to create some amazing opportunities with some incredible guys If this video serves you, I invite you to share it with someone that you care about and if you’re not subscribed to this channel, make sure that you get subscribed so you can get the latest and greatest videos as they come out each and every week And I would love to hear from you

What’s something that’s worked for you? What’s a way that you’ve approached a man that really helped him ignite his masculine, help you stay in the feminine in a way that worked? Go ahead and put that comment below I would love to hear from you Thanks so much for watching I’ll talk to you soon

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations