Justin Bieber HUGE New Tattoo & Selena Gomez Romantic Date

– Selena Gomez reveals her biggest fear and drops a hint that she might be touring again Plus Justin Bieber shows off his giant new tattoos

Hey guys, it's Ali for Hollywood Life and Justin was recently spotted dancing shirtless with an older woman at a bar in New Zealand (crowd talking and laughing) Justin also showed off his new tattoos One of a bear on his chest and the other of a giant eagle on his stomach and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about them Switching gears, let's talk about Abelena who were recently spotted in the Weeknd's hometown of Toronto having a dinner date at Harbour Sixty Steakhouse An eye witness tells Daily Mail Selena and Abel were all over each other showing a lot of PDA and they looked very sappy and sweet

Switching gears once again, Selena recently did 73 questions with Vogue magazine and reveals the biggest surprise she ever had – A romantic dinner on a rooftop – The follow up question should have been if it was with Justin or the Weeknd Okay, Selena also gives a hint that she might be touring next year – [Interviewer] Can you make any prediction about anything exactly one year from now? – I think I'll be doing a lot of traveling

– Sel then reveals if her career didn't work out then she would be a chef Her spirit animal is Meryl Streep and her favorite place to visit is Europe which we kind of knew already from her big trip to Italy and Paris with Abel Sel also talks about what scares her the most – Losing someone I love – Then she shows off her go-to dance moves

(rhythmic saxophone music) (snorts) And also sings the Stanley Steemer jingle for some reason – Call 1-800-STEEMERS, Stanley Steemer make carpet cleaner – Selena gets paid for that right? Anyway, Selena finally ends this adorably awkward interview with the worst joke she has ever heard and it is amazingly bad – What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday? – [Interviewer] I don't know – Ay, mate

Just leave – But alright, like this video if you love Selena's dance moves, comment below to let us know what you think of JB's new ink and don't forget to subscribe down below for the latest celebrity updates ♫ Ooh, ooh ♫ Where do you want to go

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations