Killer Dating Tips for Guys Who Don’t Understand Women

These dating tips for guys will help you to understand what women really mean and what they expect from you And if you're reading this article you probably already know that it isn't all that clear

Dating Tips for Guys: Getting Through the First Date 1 The first date can be nerve wracking You want to create a good impression but you don't want to say, or do the wrong things The dating tips will help you get through those crucial first few hours 2

For the first date, keep it short and casual — a maximum of two hours And don't collect her from home arrange to meet in a public place Women get nervous about dating too, especially if you met online and she's worried about the safety aspects 3 Most guys don't know what to do about the issue of paying on the first date

It's simple, if you want to see her again, offer to pay If she offers to pay half, say no Some women offer to pay half to be polite, but if you let her do it there is a good chance that your first date will be your last Pay the full tab for the first three dates, and if she wants to pay half after that it's ok to let her 4

Ask questions Women get so tired of dating men who do all the talking If you ask plenty of questions, it shows that you're genuinely interested in getting to know her as a person And if you're not sure what questions to ask, you'll find plenty of tips online Dating Tips for Guys: Beyond the First Date Don't mention your burning desire to marry her and have a dozen kids in the first four months of dating

If she's not in a great rush to commit, you'll probably scare her to death If she does bring up the subject of marriage and kids don't let it worry you to much either though She's probably just keen to know if whether you share the same views and goals on marriage and children After all, she doesn't want to waste time dating guys who have the totally opposite goals If you do or say something to upset her, or annoy her and she tells you its ok, she probably doesn't mean its ok

What she really means is she'll let you off the hook this time but do it again and you're history Keep it fresh, after the first few dates don't fall into the trap of spending all your time at each others homes, instead of actually dating And don't plan to see each other every single day The relationship will get stale fast if you skip the fun of dating and give up your own interests to spend every spare minute together These dating tips for guys won't work on all women and that doesn't matter

Dating is meant to be a fun way to find the right woman for you Not everyone is destined to be your lifelong partner, so relax and don't take every date too seriously

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