Learn Russian: Romantic Russian Video Course

Hi! I am Viktoria and I teach Russian on FunRussiancom I would like to introduce you to my new video course – Romantic Russian

Whether you are dating or are married to a Russian-speaking woman or a man or would simply like to learn some romantic words and expressions, Romantic Russian can help you with that! Romantic Russian consists of 10 lessons and one bonus lesson All lessons are video lessons but they also come with MP3 recordings and downloadable PDFs that you can print and learn Russian on the go! These are some of the topics we will discuss in the course: Getting to Know Each Other, On a Date, Internet Dating Vocabulary, Terms of Endearments, Expressing Your Affection, Getting Serious, And you will also learn how to propose and wedding vocabulary Learning slang and idioms is very important It helps you to connect to the native speakers This is why I prepared a special bonus for you – a lesson where you can learn romantic Russian slang and idioms

Enjoy! Learn romantic words and expressions and get closer to your Russian-speaking date or a significant other I'll see you inside the course!

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations