Yo, guys I'm getting better, i stopped myself, that is something an immature person would do He's learning {Hallelujah] {INTRO} {DIVINE MUSIC} Oh, Hey don't mind me, I'm just watering my roses cuz it's Valentine's Day {DIVINE MUSIC} Hey, yo, good morning Logang What's popping? yes guys it's Valentine's Day? I got the pink maverick merch on I'm looking good baby

Plus we got a merch drop today This one's for the ladies, today's a day about love We got brand new boyfriend sweatpants for the girls and they come in two different colors plus the best part is you don't even need to have a boyfriend because Remember, it's all aboutlove And our brand new staple hoodie

They come in two different colors pink and black and ladies I can promise you, no one does it like us It's the hottest softest merch in the game And that's a fact y'all know where to get it LOGANPAUL

COM/SHOP or link in the description I also got this bear for my Valentine who's inside by the way Saying link in description is literally just becoming a noise Anyways I also know guys girls Love chocolate and I got this Donut from the store today, kinda too lazy to go get actual chocolate So I'm just scraping it off the top of the donut, but I think she'll be cool with it because remember guys today's all aboutlove Alright let's go get the valentines Ohhhh ha ha oh It's my mama How are we always matching? I don't know, anyway Ma happy Valentine's Day , I got you a gift You did? I did, multiple gifts Wow, yeah here come here we're going to surprise you Happy Valentine's Day What all this for me Yeah, so we got this just big teddy bear for love I know you like chocolate so I scraped it off top of my donut Oh and lastly I got you these flowers Ma cuz today's all about love

Shi(squeak) Logan I can save them just water the flowers Live That's not water (X2)

Bona what's bona? floor cleaners Oh Oh oh sh yeah Here you go ma Also guys if you're not a part of the LOGANG makes sure to subscribe because remember this channel is all aboutLove And we're the Strongest family on YouTube also Ma here you go That's the last gift congratulations You're an Interthot Slayer okay, I have (squeak) this up enough I'm gonna go do something else

What are you doing? I see you through the door What are you doing? girlfriends Quick damn this is gonna be flying off the shelf You know I'm gonna need like one box of this thing Why are you guys such a big knives? I got a big nerd Savage oh? I wish I was a lady right now actually a flashback to yesterday WTF? LOGAN!! Hey I'm not just saying this all do you get the funnier you get I swear to god you have gotten funnier, bro This is this is big oh That's funny What are you doing with Jake's YouTube channel? [ROASTED] That's not funny! it is funny dad? you know funny Yeah it's funny Ohh Okay talking a lot by the merch it's fire right ? LOGANPAUL

COM/SHOP, but I think we gonna go somewhere else now Okay, this is good so guys the reason my dad is in Los Angeles Not only because I love him But he's here building a fence for us before you could see through the gate and obviously we don't want people looking at us Whenever running around naked and whatnot so he's been filling in the gap with spikes literally this thing is looking like a castle sharp Pointy spikes for everyone trying to break into my house We got to keep the security tight Oh god it gets worse I think it might be woman's, but it's just a medium I Came from Why the way I am Why the way you are no No, this is why I am the way I am why I love you

Love you Just the way you are help me brandoooon And we're waitingwe're waitingwe're waitingwe're waiting

we're waitingwe're waitingwe're waiting So I'm just sitting here watching these mini marshmallows microwave looks like they're getting bigger Anyways guys my ears are hurting and I was wondering why I just remembered yesterday when I was dangling from the helicopter Oh my god Yes, that makes me happy bro Look Oh you changed It is hot almost as hot as this merch

Well yeah when I was dangling from the helicopter I've seen in this clip Or maybe this clip We had to glue Jake's putting glue on the ends of the air pods here this might actually be scarier than the helicopter What if the glue guns in my eardrum I can't hear oh man oh? man oh Don't glue ear buds in your ears kid unless you got a hang from a helicopter for a dope-ass music video Wow Oh number two Just do it I'm good now The good news is that I can still hear out of both my ears But I do have bad news guys Do not forget right today's Valentine's Day today is all about But the bad news is guys I still don't have a gift for my date tonight Girls love arts, but what do they love more than arts crafts so we came to an arts and crafts store that crafts I mean every Valentine's Day starts with fresh flowers They're made of polyester Because you really pulled her over with your love stretch bit of a stretch, Oh girls of Hoops No, but I do have an Instagram channel at Logan Paula's gonna follow me there how would this multi-coloured ball? It looks fun

It looks nice I feel like I'm The old me would have punted that ball, I'm not even kidding yo guys I'm getting better I stopped myself And I was like punting the ball is not the right thing to do that is something an immature person would do he's learning YESSS!!! God has answered our prayers! Telling me if you put this in and you spin, it'll fly that just doesn't make any sense I'll take five custom t-shirts It will show originality creativity splendor fun you splendor in the same Splendor: a quality that outshines the usual Yo like slender man, you guys know slender man right the scary guy NO! HOW ARE YOU HERE? YOU'RE NOT REAL, GET AWAY FROM ME AHHHHHH! Splendor man the exact opposite he's like slender man, but with the face and a blonde head of hair OH GOD! YOU'RE EVEN WORSE!! We love Splendor Man

candles candles Like a detectives like there's candles here These are the really nice ones too Oh my gosh If there's one thing girls Love more than candles There's nothing girls Love more than candles, so I am NOT gonna buy her one bad idea I might as well be a girl I know what you guys like what girls love Bird houses to put their makeup in see look this one reminds me of the team ten house wait what no (OH What did Jake did do this time to get kick out of his

What? like his 5th house?) (MY EARS!!! THEY'RE BLEEDING!!) (Really Logan Really!?!) It's broken Do you want to take a picture? Yeah Here I'll be your Valentine's take this roller Yep there you go all yours ma'am happy Valentine's Day That thing is fun, if I'm not the best Valentine's day ever oh damn looking at them in a pile I realize I suck no wait we could still customize the shirt to show splendor oh It's now official maverick merch You could get like $22

99 on the streets for this Yeah, make it official oh my, yo it's official before sign off the Vlog guys I know what you're thinking Loggs Who are you going on a date with? I can't tell you who it is They don't know yet (MANI??) I'm sure they'll take my gifts Maybe

Let's not forget It's all about With that said logang that is the vlog not a part of the family you suck, But you can unsuck by subscribing smash the button in the face and join this strong family on YouTube also

Said it a thousand times today, cuz it's actual fact, you look so good in thisMERCH!! Ladies we got you covered the brand new boyfriend sweats, the staple hoodie, LOGANPAULCOM/SHOP Nobody does it like us, a squad of Mavericks the people who do it different the people who aren't afraid to be themselves

A lot of people who do a different, a squad of people who Themselves no matter what logang I love you and I will see you tomorrow

Oh do you wanna do the outro? Take it fammPeace {OUTRO} And we're waiting again

we're waiting againwe're waiting againwe're waiting againwe're waiting againwe're waiting again

we're waiting again

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