My Story: Dating in Vietnam

Dan Nguyen: Dating in Vietnam When I was 16 years old, I came back here, I'm also getting up, trying to figure this out with some girls Then I met her

Innocently, innocent, just playing together But because I want to act, I lie to her She told her 18, so I said I was 18 too So she said "you are 18 then, you are a man then, I have to take you out "I'm leaving you behind

" "No, now!" At that time I just thought "die * $ & @" Never drive a motorbike But still have to pretend So I do Think, it's not hard I ride a bicycle

So I got in her car She's back My God, I wish you would not let the two of you into the hospital It was dark then, and the street was empty So I started driving The driver is not sure that his hands, at the driving know where

But it does not matter So I drive two children slowly, extremely slow At that time I am very happy, feel like I am very cough I looked at the rearview mirror and saw her behind She looked so beautiful, Naturally she put her hand on the hook

That is normal, but in America no one does that, so I'm also a bit startled Oh sh # @! The one that deflected the steering wheel, missed the bridge, I drive down the slope on the side of the bridge

Both the car is muddy mud The new shoes are missing She is very wet, but probably has a nasal discharge So the new neck is "Why, I thought you can drive!" I said "I know" Looks like I was overloading the truck or something

Tragedy It's not a boy to drive Sometimes girls can carry boys too Needless to say that

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations