Successful Marketing – How Dating Rules Lead to Successful Marketing

ONE Be Real – Honest – True to Yourself Not a Phony Play up what you’re good at and work around your limitations Be the “real deal” TWO Set high standards Old proverb – “if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for everything” Are you settling for less than the best from yourself? Are you accepting any old lead (or dating partner!!)…

And hoping like mad that by playing the numbers game you’ll get lucky one day? What are you prepared to put up with? THREE Be FASCINATED not FASCINATING Be INTERESTED not INTERESTING Met new guy in SSK the other day…Amnuai’s reaction after… what a really lovely man… He asked us all about our favorite topic – US As a marketer it’s your job to know more about your ideal customer than they know about themselves BUT LET THEM TELL YOU … The more you talk about you, your products, your opportunity…the less fascinating you become TALK ABOUT THEM – their problems, issues , hopes, fears, dreams Amaze them with your understanding and insight FOUR Listen more than you talk… 2 ears and 1 mouth…use in that ratio!! LISTEN…

SILENT Get your prospects to talk about themselves… make them sell themselves to you FIVE Don’t give away “too much” on the “first date” Don’t try to over-impress Think of the relationship you are building with a prospect like any other investment Invest a small amount first and assess your return before you “bet the farm” on someone You can always walk away without regret SIX Play “hard to get” Don’t be available to just anyone… Don’t let your new date or your prospect “take you for granted” In marketing you don’t want to be the “hunter” – you want your prospects to pursuer YOU

Until you catch them!!! To do this you’ve got to make a challenge for people to partner with you – to take some actions Believe in yourself, trust and believe in the opportunity you have to offer… And be willing to be SELECTIVE about who gets to work with you Remember you’re offering THEM the solution to their problems…

So shouldn’t that be worth the chase!!

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations