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Paka lived until 2001. That same year, construction began on the zoo new Cats of Africa exhibit, which opened in March 2003. At that time, Kali was the zoo only lion, so to create a new pride, two young lions, both born in 1998, were brought in: Chadwick (from the Indianapolis Zoo) and Kariba (from Zoo Atlanta) in December 2002..

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Rhythm and blues singer Darryl Allen (Mista) is 40. Actor Matt Long is 40. Actor Allen Leech is 39. “The best thing is not to try to clean the dress. It might just fall apart,” said Renee Erwin, collections manager of the Fort Worth (Texas) Museum of Science and History. “I would have a conservator look at it.

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Hence, the world of social media today thrives on the exchange of art, expression, words, and stories. And it probably fits that Instagram decided to name one of its number one features Stories. They don stay on someone feed but are somewhat visible on the person profile for a limited time.

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