The New Rules of the Dating Game

Nowadays, there are so many ways to find love Not to mention, all the dating sites out there

It can be confusing But sometimes, your crush may be telling you how they really feel without saying so So it's all in their behavior Wanna find out if he's really into you? Just ask the love editor >> [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] >> As reporters, we've taken an oath to keep it real with everyone, who writes us asking for relationship advice

And our first letter is from, am I wasting my time? She says, she met a guy who she's really into They've only gone out on one date, but they've been texting back and forth for weeks, but here's the problem, whenever she brings up hanging out again, he ignores the question and doesn't respond, mm-hm She wants to know if he's into her or not Jeannie, why don't you take this one? >> Gladly My gosh

Now, this looks like he's straight up, breadcrumbing you [SOUND] >> Okay This is when someone you like seems to like you, but only keeps the conversation surface, and never commits to hanging out again They don't tryna make plans They'll either change the subject, or just flat out ignore you

This is the same person that likes to like your social media posts, but can't give you a text back If you find that most of your conversation are via text only, girl, run My advice? He's not that into you, boo Get out before you waste more time [APPLAUSE] >> People should be more honest

The truth hurts, but it's better to know now than never Okay, our next letter is from Love Lost It says, she's starting to see a guy that fell head over heels for her really fast, literally Within a few weeks, she says she thought things were moving too quickly at first But the guy did all the right things, like calling, compliments, etc

She wants to know if she did something wrong >> Mm >> Adrian, let me know >> Okay girl, let me tell you It's not you

This has [SOUND] Love Bombing written all over it >> [LAUGH] >> Which is the complete opposite of breadcrumbing Love lost, your love bomber quickly fell in love, won you over, but had no intentions of committing So he flipped the script once you started to catch feelings Pay attention to those red flags, let me tell you

Mm-hm, those guys that are professing their love early into the relationship, isn't always genuine, if they don't really know you >> Wow >> This is just a pattern for them, and they will do this to the next person, because they love themselves, more than they love anyone else >> Wow >> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay

>> That's a good one, too >> Wow, okay That is tough love, but we gotta keep it going Now, we've got more people to help Ooh, this is a good one

Okay, flirtation on 100, says that she's seeing someone she likes, but she can't commit, because she likes to flirt and keep her options open, just in case someone else better comes along >> Mm-hm >> Ooh >> Lonnie, what do you think of this? >> You know I could tell you exactly what's going on here >> [LAUGH] >> She's caught the cushioning bug, and this is the type of person you don't wanna fall in love with, she's the type of person that sees endless options, and avoids getting deeply emotional, with a person, signs of a cusioner are [SOUND]

Hiding their phone from you >> Ooh Flirting with others in public, and lying about who they're taking to So if you are looking for a committed and monogamous relationship, anyone that treats you like this, is not the one >> That’s right

>> Tell them, Lonnie >> Beware of the cushioner They are a waste of time Now lastly, we gotta letter from what are we doing here She says, ready for this, she's been dating a cutie for about five months

She thinks are going well But every time she tries to get clarification on the relationship status, to her dismays her boob daddy, hits her with the, we're just hanging out line Tamara, is this guy into her or not? Hmm, this is straight out of the player's handbook, chapter 17 page 588 >> Come on, tell them >> He's avoiding DTR, and DTR stands for defining the relationship

He's not defining the relationship, because he's not looking for a relationship Similar lines, a guy or girl like this will feed someone are, let's not think about it Or let's just see where this goes naturally They'll even dismiss your questions by saying that you're over-reacting >> [NOISE] >> But it's always important to see where you stand with someone, so don't fall for it

>> That's right >> [APPLAUSE] >> And my advice is to avoid this person at all cost, but keep in mind that, just because a person doesn't want to commit, is not your fault And you can't change someone, if they don't wanna change The best thing you can do for yourself is walk away Remember, there's plenty of fish in the sea

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations