Trust me, breaking up with your girlfriend is no big deal This is the best time to be single

Have you even gotten on any of the dating apps? I used Tinder a little in college but that was like five years ago Tinder? Ha! Are there more now? There are tons The new popular one is Slider Give me your phone, I'm gonna sign you up Okay, your profile is ready

How do I swipe? Swipe? No, you don't swipe on this app You slide How do I slide? You swipe your finger across the screen It's not letting me slide Well yeah, you don't have enough Mingle Points

What is a Mingle Point? There's different types of profiles You're looking at Formal Attire mode which is for people who have memberships Go to the top and select Business Casual Can I slide in Business Casual? Well, no But you can send a Gentleman Hello message to invite someone to slide on you or you can purchase Conversation Coins from the Slider Store

And can those be exchanged for Mingle Points? No Conversation Coins give you access to the Spin Wheel which allows you to earn Mingle Points in Business Casual by Inviting-a-friend to Formal Attire through the Slider Store to send Gentleman Hello messages from your Love Letters Singles-Inbox I don't know what the fuck you are talking about Dude! Do you want to meet women or not? Hey, do you mind if I sit down next to you– Jesus Christ lady can't you see we are busy!?! Alright now let's earn you some Mingle Points so you can talk to some ladies Bo-bo-ba-doop-a-doop-a-doop


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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations