Valentine’s Day Prank Gone Right – Can I Come On Your Date? | Hollywoodlife

– Hey guys, it's Ali for HollywoodLife, and Valentine's Day is right around the corner We know I'm perpetually single and all of my friends have very serious boyfriends

So I'm going to call them up and ask if I can join them for Valentine's Day and we're gonna see what their reactions are (sad music) Hi – Hi Ali, what's up? – Hey – Hi, what's up? – Hi Jess – Hey Al! – Hey Al

– Hey buddy – What's up Stag? – What's up? (sad music) So I was wondering what you were planning to do for Valentine's Day with your girlfriend Sara? I wanted to see what your plans were next week for Valentine's Day with your boyfriend Phileas – I knew this was gonna be that You're amazing We're going to Buddakan

– You're going to Buda- I love Buddakan So is the reservation just for two? Where are you going? – We're going to Pass Don't Gos – Oh, that's so yummy Can I come? Kind of like a weird question, but like can I come with you guys? For Valentine's Day? – Thursday? – Yeah Like I don't have a boyfriend and like- So I was wondering, maybe I could come to your class and then we can all go to dinner for Valentine's Day

Well I wanted to see if I could come with you guys – To my Valentine's Day dinner? Which is also my four year anniversary dinner? (chuckles) (sad music) – I can? Really? You don't even have to ask Alex, first? I can just come? – You can ask Alex – I can ask Alex? I'll call her next So table for three for Valentine's Day? – Yeah, I'm down – You're down? Like I can join in? Like a table for three? – Al, did you ask Jesse? – Yeah

Well I made it for three originally I assumed you'd want to come – Really? – He said he already has me on – He does? (laughing) – He said he originally made it for three cause we're both his girlfriends – See, I need more of you in my life mister

– So I can't come? – Sadly, no – No? – I love you, but sadly, no – Who's the boyfriend you're bringing? – I would just go with the two of you It'd be us three – Classy

Classic third wheel – Would that be weird for Valentine's Day? – I mean, if you're asking me that's fine – It's always a "Yes," when I ask you – Yeah – You're welcome

You're more than welcome to join – I'm more than welcome? – Here's a reservation for three – I like won't talk if you don't want me to I'll just like sit there I can sit at another table

– No, no, no Listen, listen, listen I've made a table for three You're more than welcome I want you to talk

(laughing) I want your input – And I'm like thinking because I didn't even think of having more than two people at a dinner – It's like, ya know, I wouldn't talk I won't talk if you don't want me to I'll just sit there and like enjoy Valentine's with my friend and her boyfriend

– I'm just like, I've never thought of that – But are you not going out for Valentine's Day? Is this stag? What's going on? – Well last year, I just like sat in my room So I was like maybe I'll invite myself to all my friend's Valentine's Day dinners and see what happens – And just see who says "Yes"? – Yeah – You have a yes from me

But also I thought you had someone on your list – Well I have a few – That you had your eyes on someone – I have my eyes on a few people, but like you know, no one that I can like Valentine with like my friends – Really? – Thank you for playing along

I'm really not going to because you need to enjoy your four year anniversary and Valentine's Day with your girlfriend and I think she'd kill me But I love you guys (chuckling) – Alright, Stag You know you're invited – Thanks

– If you want to change your mind – Thanks, Gabe – Offers open – Thanks, Gabe – I'll see you later, bra

– I feel like that went pretty well But I still don't know what I'm gonna do for Valentine's Day because now I have so many plans

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