फर्स्ट डेट पर इंग्लिश में कैसे बात करे? | How to impress a girl on your first date with your English

Vanesa- Hi Mansi (in a sad tone) Mansi- Hey Vanesa, How are you? You look sad? Don't tell me your date wasn't good

Vanesa- poochooo mat Mansi Mera toh dimaaag kharaaab hogayaaa hai Mansi- Kya hua? btaaa bhi do? Vanesha- He was hot, good looking but the moment he started talking I was like Oh my Godddd he needs to learn how to impress his date and yes English me baat kaise karte hai Mansi – I see, it seems like you met a charming boy but as he spoke the charm went away Well let's see ki tumahri date me hua kya Hi friends, I’m Mansi & I am Vanesa – We are English experts from EngVarta and at this channel, we bring you English role play experiences to guide you ahead in your journey of speaking fluent English Mansi : So Friends – aaj jaisa ki aapne dekha Vanesa had a bad date experience

Vanesa : So aaj ke video me ham baat karenge how to impress a girl with fluent English on your first date Mansi : But before that Subscribe karo & Press the bell icon Vanesa : So that you don’t miss out on any of our future videos Vanesa: Aright! so let's begin the episode Mansi – Perfect!, Let's re-play your date here Vanesa : hahaha sure; so Mansi you’re going to play the character of my date “ Rohan” Mansi(Rohan) – Hey Vanesa! Vanesha – Hey Rohan so good to see you

Mansi- I'm good too Vanesa – what ?? ( Dikhne me to good looks hai but his English is off 😀 Mansi- Bahar bahut garmi thi (arre yaar ye to english bolti hai) Vanesha- Yes but this place is quite interesting I love the ambience Don't you like it? Mansi- Yes

Yes I like it Are you still studying? Vanesha- Yes I’m a student of Geography in college

BTW you asked: Am I still studying? Do I look old? Mansi – No no, I do not mean that Mera Matlab wo nhi tha ab in Geography me padhne k liye hai hi Kya? Vanesa- There's so much to explore ( Eski to poora communication he off hai – oh god save me from this date hahaha) Mansi – achaaaa ab Geography ki class mat do Kuch order kare? Vanesha – Ya, sure I'll have cold coffee Mansi- oo

Waiter? Madam k liye cold coffee or mere liye chai Vanesa- So what are your hobbies? Mansi- I play cricket mast din Bhar match dekhta hu aa what are your hobbies? Vanesha- Well, I love writing poetry in the free time

Mansi- okay, mai to free all the time Vanesha – oh cold coffee is here ( Take few sips ) I'll just go to the loo Mansi- loo – bahar etii loo chal rahi hai , aur tumhe yaha bhi loo lana hai? Vanesha- Rohan, I meant I'm going to the washroom? Toilet? ( what an idiot ) Mansi- okay jao jao ( yaar poora impression kharab ho gaya ) Vanesa : Oh my god so that was a horrible date experience I hope I meet a decent guy next time

Mansi : haha yes I wish you Luck, & I can feel from the roleplay ki Rohan ke liye bhi ye bahut embarrassing thaa Vanesa : Yes Mansi : So let's see Rohan es date par accha impression kaise bana sakta tha Vaise Vanesa – you had a bad experience so this time tum rohan ban jao and show us how you wanted rohal to behave on the date

Vanesa : sure – let's begin Vanesa- Hi Mansi , I'm Rohan Mansi- Hey Rohan, it’s nice to see you Vanesa -Pleasure is all mine, So how are you Mansi? Mansi- well, I'm pretty good thanks What about you? Viraat- well, I am absolutely fine

BTW great choice for the place – I love the ambience Mansi- Yes I often come here with my friends, their food and hospitality are top notch Vanesa- Oh great! So Mansi, what would you like to have? Are you a tea or a coffee person? Mansi- Well, I'm a chai lover! Especially the Ginger tea Vanesa- Wow, well I would like to have cold coffee, the summers are killing me Mansi- sure we don't even have to look at the menu

Vanesa- Excuse me, please? ( calling waiter ) Could you please get one ginger tea and one cold coffee? Mansi- Even my mother likes cold coffee and rest all of us are chai person Vanesha- okay, That's so sweet, in my family everybody likes to have coffee Mansi- So, who else is in your family? Vanesa- I have one younger brother and my parents And in your family? Mansi- well, we have quite joint family Chachaaa chachi aur dadi also live with us

I have one elder sister also Vanesa- wow I must say you're very lucky We are nuclear family My parents had a love marriage They used to teach in the same college

Mansi- Wow, Mine had an arranged marriage Mansi – So do you believe in love? Vanesa – oh Yes I do Mansi : And the conversation went on an on

Vanesa : So guys that is why you make a good impression on your first date So let's close this episode with some takeaways Mansi – Yes – so first thing: aap Lakh guna ache kapde pehen le, parfum lagaa le but if you don't express yourself you'll lose that opportunity of making your first impression Vanesa : Right; Because when you are able to express them you’re able to impress Vanesa- And that is what I did when playing Rahul, by having a genuine smile on my face, talking slowly so that the person understands about my likes /dislikes

And genuinely taking interest in the person who you’re sitting with Mansi- and one more thing – It’s not just to make the first impression but also maintain it as well through your time on that date Vanesa- Yes – You should be yourself Pay attention to what you’re saying Take keen interest in listening to the other person as well

Mansi- Aaap indirectly saaamne waaale k family, occupation ya dreams k baaare me bhi baaat kar sakte hain Vanesha- yes you must always give your perspective and respect her opinion too! And if you don't understand or aren't aware about something, it’s always a good idea to ask – question are the best way to keep a conversation going And while asking questions ask open ended questions that invite someone to speak – do not ask questions that make someone uncomfortable on the first date Mansi : and Now it’s time to announce the topic for our next video: Jaisa ki maine kaha… questions are important to keep a conversation going

but asking questions is an art And in the next video, we will talk about top 10 open-ended questions that you can use in any conversion to receive a good response Vanesa : So to receive the next video notification – press the bell icon on your video screen Mansi : Well friends that was all in today video and good luck with your next date and English practice Vanesa : And yes agar appko Rahul ke jaise upcnfrmtable nahi hona hai to aise role play practice karte rahiye apne dosto ke sath Mansi: and ha agar aapke Mere aur Vanesa jaise experts ke sath me then download the EngVarta app and start your conversion practice

Vanesa – that’s right guys – download the app and start your daily English practice for speaking English fluently Thank you, Keep Practicing & see you in next video

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations