This is how you know you're getting old We do this every year

I'm here talking about having another baby, and this guy is just like Good morning guys Okay so today is Friday, Ryan and I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day on Wednesday, because Ryan works and it was just another day

So, we are celebrating Valentine's Day today and the kicker is that I planning it this year I did get tickets for Black Panther I'm so excited, because it looks so good and I've heard really good things about it We are going to go check that out We are also going to go out for dinner And I'll bring you guys along with me

If you are curious I'm wearing Griselda from the Mademoiselle lipsticks from Fenty Beauty What day is it today babe? Valentine's Day! VALENTINE'S DAY! We're going on a date It's about love It's about love It's all about you babe

That's what Valentine's is all about It's all about me You ready? Yeah Alright let's go We're just going to, what's it called? Hungry Brew Hops, oh I should know I planned this

We're just really late though, as usual And then we are going to go watch Black Panther Well, that's a fail The place that I wanted to go to has a wait, so now we are literally roaming the streets We have 30 minutes before the movie

Ughh cucumber in vinegar, pickled pink cabbage, guys I planned the worst date ever I think I'll starve What is this? I'm guessing it is some sort of pork What's it wrapped in? Newspaper? Yeah it's not very good I had this whole romantic night planned out and it was like a complete fail

He went on the late train, he was supposed to get home early so that we could go out for dinner I had this nice place picked out We were going to take out annual pictures That didn't happen, because we ran out of time I'm having a great time

We tried Hungarian cuisine for the first time It was disgusting I don't think that was representative of good Hungarian cuisine It was not very good Yeah

Guess where we're at Valentine's Daystop at Metro for bacon and what is that? Wind shield wiper fluid Wind shield wiper fluid So romantic You know you're an adult when

Should we grab some discounted valentine's day cards? We didn't do that Buy you valentine's day card for next year He bought my valentine's day card, no, he bought my valentine's day gift today Guess what it was, Homesense gift card because this guy knows me Don't buy me a card and don't get me flowers that are going to die in two days

This is his gift, bacon You got to do that post up, post up with the meat Post up with your wieners You're disrespectful, there are children who watch this No there isn't

No Oh yeah we have over 100 subscribers! Ryan will do a dance for you guys in the aisle No I won't In celebration No I won't

Do a dance I'm not doing a dance Do the robot I cannot do the robot Do it! Don't be so shy! Nobody wants to see that

That's awful That's better, okay There you go There you go! Okay! Okay, Ryan said that if we get how many likes? No, no no, a 1000 subscribers Ry, I think you're asking too much

If we get to 25 likes Ryan said he will dance in public Twenty-five likes? No 1000 subscribers This guy really doesn't want to dance No I don't

That's exactly why I'm setting that number so high Let's see if he's got rhythm Hear that Canadian country? Back that thing up You're weird Back that thing

You gotta back that thing up babe No Ooo I like these Is this supposed to be your valentine's day gift? He's dead serious He wants this for valentine's

This is how you know you're getting old When you want pan fry egg ring for valentine's day Do you really want it? How much is it? $3 Sold When did we become this couple? This is like the highlight of our valentine's

I don't know, dinner was the highlight of my valentine's That was disgusting I still don't know what meat that was It was disgusting Alright are we going home? We are going to get our photos taken! Annual valentine's day celebration

Whoot whoot How are we all going to fit in this? It's fun! For those of you who don't know, we do this every year Ryan and I have been doing this since we were dating And this is our, what, seventh year doing it? Seventh time doing it I think Yeah

But Ryan insists on bringing the kids though Well because every year they get a little bit older, we look older We barely fit in this when they were babies! That's the fun part You just gotta make it work Until they are grown, they are adults and we're still forcing them to come here

Alright, let's try this It's so tight in here! Naw it's good Honestly the ones we went to before they had stools, so this is good Yeah that's true Like one stool

This is a nice bench Can I do it? Let's see how these turned out Which one is your favourite guys? Turned out pretty cute Which one is your favourite? I think this one The last one? Yeah

Happy Valentine's Day babe Happy Valentine's Day, love you Are children, the products of our love Hold on tight! This is the first time they have ever been on a carousel Make it stop! You want it to stop? Sorry we paid for this

You're going on it for the whole ride I'll get on it Now she's smiling The only way we could get them out I love you guys! Where are we going? Oohh this is so cute! I think I want another baby! Look how cute that is

That is so cute! Oh my gosh Maybe I should buy one, just in case So Ryan just walked off I'm here talking about having another baby and I'm excited And this guy is just like

yo not right now Let's go home He is the one who always begs me for another baby anyways

He has been ready for a long time I see them! We are home now, it is dinner time and Ryan is going to work so I'm just going to wrap up the vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it If you guys like this kind of vlog please like, subscribe and comment down below The mommy monster is here

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