Dating a British Man. How to Date an English Man. How to Date a Brit

Dating a british man How to date an english man is frequently asked question among many girls who have never been to England but willing to know it's dating culture

And today I will tell you all about English men It can be helpful to you to avoid the typical mistakes on the way of british guys mentality By the way if you are new here, click on the notification bell and subscribe to my channel for more interesting videos later You will always find a lot of answers on your curious questions here British men are very conservative and pragmatic

If you wanna know how to date a brit successfuly, you shouldn't improve your english or learn mentality of people Cause if you are smart and well-educated lady, it is more than enough to awake an interest from an English man He can make an approach to you, if he is convinced in your character simplicity and beautiful appearance These are the main components on the way of his seduction If you are going to meet an english man, forget about the typical stereotypes and mythes like "gentleman always opens a door for his lady and brings the flowers even when there is no reason"

May be it was so centuries ago, but today's England is completely different A lot of men don't approach anymore, instead they want that women make a first step on the way of the relationships having And all the girls saying that men have lost their masculinity And it is relatively true Cause no one can meet you on the street, asking for phone number or saying the tons of compliments like' you are so beautiful', 'can we have a cup of coffee together?'

Instead of this, there are many different clubs and places where most of young people go in order to date a girl or just spend a time Nobody is shy here, and you can choose a random partner for the relationships as well for one night stand That's why a lot of foreign girls who came to England at first, they want to know all about british guys and how they flirt with women But you will not understand this, unless you become a visitor of one mentioned club Because it's exactly the place where the men can express their feelings without being condemned for something wrong by society

So if you want to meet a brit on the street, you can, but you have less chances to get him You see only how serious and intelligent personality he is But let him drink some wine or beer after workday, and you will suddenly realize how different he is So I would say, today you are chilling together, but only tomorrow you literally ask each other 'what is your name", 'could you give me your phone number" Yees, in England it happens so

You can spend a night with a man, but the next day you can start dating officially But for many girls it seems strange and awfully But what you can do, it's England baby And this country is beautiful like it's people But to get used to their mentality you have to live there 6 months at least

During this time you can realize all pros and cons of british life as a foreigner Especially how english men love footbal but not women, and a classic tea in comparison to vodka They do care about their health and appearance, but not too much as italian or spanish men I would say, they know the limits in everything And if you have an opportunity of living together with british guy, you will definitely understand what I mean

Another positive side of english men is their sense of humor Even if it's not funny they can find a way how to make yoh smile And I would say, that their sarcastic skills are the secret weapon on the way of successful women seduction No matter what he says, the most important is that every woman feels comfortably when she has a deal with English man It is only myth that british guys are boring and uninterested

But getting know him better you can fall in love with his self-confidence and ability to take everything easy In moments when other people cry, english people enjoy of their life demonstrating a special British smile No matter how they feel, they always express a serious attitude to everything That's why their country is very attractive for migration But not for those who is used for best Mediterranean food, cause the English cuisine is not example to call it healthy and delicisous

But that's only my opinion If you have found your boyfriend in England and you happy with him All the rest doesn't matter and you can close your eyes on some disadvantages of living there But to find a boyfriend in England is not easy as many girls say The best way to meet one is dating site in internet

And even there you have to express your initiative of making an english man interested in you Cause as a rule, they don't type you first It is you who should say, 'hello, wowl you have nice pictures, nice to meet you' The only thing a typical british guy can do on daring site is to click a thumbs up under your profile picture, provoking you to respond him in order to create a dialogue So that's all what I wanted to tell you today about english men

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