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If he could drive that would be cool This needs to happen in real life

If you are watching this, please make this come true! If a girl tells me where she wants to go, it's easy for me It makes my life a lot easier Hey guys and girls it's Cathy Cat! Today we are gonna go and Ask Japanese what you should definitely NEVER do on a date in Japan AND what you should do to make the other person happy Let's go and Ask Japanese! When you are on a date, what do you want the guy to do? When we pay for food I am ok with paying for it but It's really cool when he just settles the bill without me even noticing

Smooth! That's pretty nice I think so That would make me happy Me too I might say "I want that" and he won't buy it for me that day but

later he gets it for me If he buys it in secret for me later I might say "That item was really cute!" again When I am still wondering if I should buy it, I would be so so happy if he gives it to me as a gift then

That's a dream of mine Stuff like that doesn't happen in real life This should happen in real life! If you are watching this, please make this dream come true It's cool if he can drive a car well You stole my answer! – Sorry! So going for a drive? – Oh yes! When driving I don't want him to drive like he is nervous

It will be cool if he is a good driver I want him to hold my hand like it's not a big deal Just when we are walking I want to go to an aquarium! He should take you there? – Yes that's right I want to go to the Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro

I don't like it when the boy is too clingy As long as we have fun together it's all good So just having fun together? – Yes Make sure I have fun "Hey my darling-chan" is no good? Definitely not that

I would like to go travel together Go to the ocean and ride on a boat together and such Go cruising together He should invite you for that trip? Yes I would like him to invite me I want to go to a music gig together

Nice He can just hand you the ticket like "Got us these" That's pretty sweet

I like it if he holds my luggage Is that already taken for granted? I don't like it if my husband holds my luggage I also don't want him to pay for things either – What?! I want him to take the lead though Going ahead and such

I prefer that I don't what him to ask "What shall we do" Instead of being indecisive he should say where we will go More like "Let's go" So the man has to think and decide everything Yeah that would make me happy

It's nice if he thinks of taking breaks I get tired easily I like it if he asks "wanna take a break" or "wanna smoke?" You mean he should kind of match it to your physical condition? – Yes What should the girl do during a date to make you happy? I just like it if she is all lovey-dovey around me I think that's super cute

– For example Shall she grab your arm or be like "buy me this pretty please" Yeah exactly like that Stuff like that makes me happy Being really sticky with me is super cute

Boys like walking behind the girl Instead of leading the way If a girl tells me where she wants to go, it's easy for me It makes my life a lot easier I generally plan the day a little but if she says where she wants to go, I will follow her there That's best That's a nice date So it's best if she honestly says what she likes? If she did that, that would make me happy

Without hesitation I like when she casually touches me in public If she is too distant, that's not so nice I want her to be all lovey dovey For example? She should rely on me

Or hold my hand from behind That sounds super cute Nice one I want her to pick up on the little things Like when I have no tissues, I want her to see that and hand me some

Seeing those things is important Reading the air is a very Japanese thing Yeah Walking ahead of me What do you mean? Even though we are both together, walking ahead

There are a lot of people in Tokyo, right? Because there are so many people, just walking in front of me is no good And having him sigh out exasperated when I am shopping with him That really annoys me I don't like that either! Even though I am super happy, having him in a really hostile mood I will be like super bouncy and he will just be like, checking his phone

You know, doing something completely else Stuff like that annoys me I get that It's much better if you both are having fun Do you like him to walk on the car side, or to open doors for you? Yeah stuff like that is nice

But no Japanese men will do that I agree No gentlemen in Japan? They open their own doors and enter their own cars So I have to do that myself too No gentlemen at all? None here

Stuff I buy and luggage I carry, I do that all by myself What!? They NEVER say "I will do that for you" The image I had of Japanese men is breaking apart Mens! Please work at that! Some will walk on the side of the street were the cars are But that's about as much gentlemen attitude as you get They won't open doors for you They are like, do what you want Do it yourself

Man – They also enter the car first Having to split the bill exactly by the cent is terrible

I really hate that No way! Not such a good idea Men who have too much luggage I just want him to come on a date with just his wallet No bag? That's much cooler

I don't like it if he is too clingy and PDA in public I really dislike that Why so? – It's not something to show the public When going on a date, splitting the bill in half is uncool When having dinner that's not cool

So when on a date, you want him to pay? – Yes I prefer that Do men in Japan pay a lot for a girls food? I guess around that Even male friends will pay for the girls food So even male friends will pay I hate indecisive men

I don't want them to leave everything up to me I hate it if they ask me "Where do you want to go" And also having conversations that just don't go anywhere Talks that just end in "Is that so" or "I see" Conversations that have no end

Just getting talked at instead of talking with each other Not having him give me a time to speak up in this either Men who can't eat with their mouth closed I hate that Eating with their mouth open And men who litter I can't deal with men who can't keep up their manners Manners are important

Girls who chew loudly with their mouth open Things like that I don't like it if they eat noisily or in an inappropriate manner It makes me want to leave Manners are important like saying "Itadakimasu" before eating

Or "Gochisousama" after a meal And being able to greet people properly If she turns out to be boring, that's no good Having boring conversations that go nowhere makes me think that something is wrong But if you go on a date, you must already like something about her so so unless something terrible happens, I won't feel like leaving the date I really don't like it if she comes in a bad mood to our date I will try my best to cheer her up but If she starts the date being in a really bad mood already, it makes it tough for me Since it's our date, I want us both to have a good time Thank so so much Sorry it got so long, it was nice to hear your opinions So

(we filmed this on halloween) Ladies and gentlemen, the dos and dont's you should do on a date here in Japan The list is that long, I made a memo of it and gonna summarize it up for you guys

And then add something, which I think should be added DOES! Very important, if you should drive, be able to drive take the girls on a drive Pay smoothly, which means, don't make a big deal out of it like "I am gonna go now! And I am gonna pay!" "for YOUR bill" Don't do that Just go and pay smoothly Which many Japanese people do an interesting trick is

you go to the toilet, and on the way back you just pay the bill So it's smoothly done So when you both are getting out and the whole hassle with the purse and stuff comes up, the person can just go

"It's fine I already took care of it

" Kinda cool Had that a couple of times happening with colleagues Pretty cool idea Don't take my list away, I need it! Next thing is remember gifts! If the girl wants an item, even the guy mentions that Maybe don't get it there and then Maybe get it later Will make people happy Another thing Let's keep going on

Gentlemen and chivalry is generally accepted all across the world Apparently that doesn't happen that much in Japan Travel together, go places together, is always good Great idea on a date On a date, give breaks

If you see that the girl is either a smoker and she might wanna smoke or if you see that they are a bit tired, they might not be able to keep up with you Give them some time to have a break Then stick to them

be lovey dovey That's a thing guys like if the girl

holds their hand and is all over them Apparently that's great Rely on the other person

There are some people that wanted that OTHER people didn't want that I will come back to that in a moment Being able to read the air, see how the other person is feeling tired, do they need anything? Very important in Japan Reading the air is very important

Now let's go to the DONT'S Don't is carry too much stuff if you are a guy Interesting

Split the bill and be really picky about splitting the bill

No one really liked that That was a big one Sigh when going shopping Uh-huh I couldn't deal with that either

Bored attitude, especially when you are just going on that date Hey you are there to have fun!!! Come in with high spirits Very important PDA is a big thing in Japan Japanese people do not like PDA it will make people feel uncomfortable

they might not tell you So it's a big thing to watch out for No public display of affection guys! Next one Be indecisive like "I don't know, what do you want?" I come back to that in a moment

Eat with your mouth open is a big no no no Boring conversations no! Not knowing your manners! Might be eating or anything Mind your manners, it's very important And what a big thing was All of them said they would like the other person to decide who does the main thing on the date I imagine that being really difficult If you expect the other person to decide for you and the other person expects you to decide for them You're not gonna get anything done How about you guys talk about it It's nice to have another person decide everything but take you on that great decision date, but maybe next time it's your turn then afterwards How about you balance it guys? One thing I would like to add, it's nice when you go on a special date to maybe get an item together Maybe the same phone straps or something I like to do that when I go with friends some where I like having an item that makes me remember the day and lots and lots of pictures What is a GO and a NO GO on a date for you? Please leave us a comment down below

We are looking forward to your comments Also comment ON EACH OTHERS COMMENTS Like "Second that!" "I have the same, I wanted that too" Be sure to start a discussion Looking forward to seeing it on Ask Japanese Thanks for watching and bye

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