Dating on Valentine’s Day | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Hi How are you I'm fine Just excited about Valentines 🙂 Are you free? Lashi Just Laughs I have no plans Great you maybe want Go for dinner tonight of course yes Fabulous I see you at 8:00 I see you at 8:00 Are you ready for three dates per night? What should I do? What should I do? Application Name * With our application everyone can transfer the magician space when you click the button When you click the button Ahh ha ha I brought both of us a large size Moccaccino I brought some roses you are very nice thank you I just want to have a special day I'm happy to I chose to spend Valentine's Day with me without others Just you I want to use the toilet

Well Do not go anywhere I am waiting Hi, I made it Yes, I did and brought something with her Happy Eid to my little cat Miyao Bold step I liked it this place is fantastic Called Hay Steak (Steak Sound Hee) Such as homecoming in Texas I want to check something out okay stay here please enter Burned food Only I wanted to prepare a special food prepared steak I'm just a vegetarian Your power in the other room What do you think that tell me the story of your life everything Well I was born in a tractor (a kind of buggy that is used in agriculture) In the middle of the farm in a small town In Kentucky I have a big family I have brothers and sisters I have 19 brothers and sisters Hi There are people offering free steak in the restaurant Do you want? I take a third piece that comes under the bathroom Wonderful of course Hey, I 'm coming

I' ve prepared for my top food you are so cute All the girls always get food and flowers on the first date Is this Tom Cruise? I do not think so It is Fabulous I brought it to the Authority Was it in your room? Yes, and these also have a sensitivity of flowers well When I was 14 I drank the first sip of coffee Tell me more was really good I brought in something small More flowers It's a reference to the bottle restaurant of 1943 It's really good I prefer almond milk Oh no they need me I'll be back soon No way where are you? By the crocodile then died I love crocodiles I'm here I'm sorry here because of the congestion in the restaurant Here is almond milk I am actually the best wine I know where I find it Give me your wine Your almond milk Thank you

Do not forget to pay Cash only Hello Hello From this gentleman We got another human being that is small in size My parents look like you Your father feels hungry Yemmeii

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations