[ENG sub]빼빼로데이 기념! 따뜻 포근 가을 데이트 메이크업 romantic autumn date makeup tutorial | Rainee 레이니

Hello, everybody This is Rainee

Everyone, the Pepero Day is coming soon So I prepared a makeup for going out in autumn to celebrate Pepero Day Warm date makeup before going on out with your date Let's start! First, use color corrector in peach to hide the dark circles under your eyes Let's erase that tiredness since you're going on a date

If you got that covered, let's lighten the dark areas of your face with purple colored corrector It surely brightened your face up, right? I'll use an essence cushion foundation to do the base makeup If you rub it with your finger, you'll see the water forming Fill the pores and breakouts, so don't tap it but rather rub it in The base doesn't easily get erased since it has the essence added to it

Don't I look like the full moon? I'll contour my face quickly Next, I'll use the Matte Formula to draw my brows Since I'll be filling in the spaces with the powder, use draw the outer lines It's going to be warm and fuzzy feeling makeup, so draw them soft and round Once that's done, use the powder to fill in the empty spaces

I'll use a lighter color and gently fill in the spaces Then, use a brow mascara to fix the brows Brush them in the opposite direction of your brows first to color them than the other direction Now I'll begin my eye makeup Use a peach color eyeshadow as a base

It's slightly pearly It's very pretty Use Dresscode that's got golden pearls right up to the 2/3 of the lid And on the beauty line and the corner too Mix the orange and brown colors together

I'll mix the dark brown and the shimmery shadows together to contour the eyes I'm going to fill in the 1/3 part that I left out I'll put the lemon color shadow on the corner and the beauty line to make the eyes look brighter Fill in the waterlines of your eyes with the eyeliner to define it LIghtly touch the lower waterline as well

Then the mascara First, curl your lashes with the eyelash curler Then apply the mascara To make the eyelashes look long and fuller like a doll, I brought a mascara that holds your lashes up Now the blusher to make you look lovable

Use a light pink color as a base then use darker pink as the main color I'll use livelier color for the lips since the eye makeup is sort of warm and calm I'll use the burnt rose color as a base After applying the base color, use a brighter red color, Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Light #6 in the middle Makeup complete! So this is a makeup to warm up the season and still make you look lovely

Are you ready to go on a date? If you don't have a date why don't you use this makeup to get yourself a handsome guy? Thank you so much to watching the video till the end Please do not forget to press "Like" and "Subscribe" before you leave Please follow my Instagram too I want to be a small piece of happiness in your life See you soon


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