How To Use Tech To Engineer A Romantic Night In | Gadget Man S4E3

The marriage of technology and romantic gestures, a thumping success It’s time to find out whether gadgets can handle shears out in the field

In a few short minutes, comedian, Tom Rosenthal will be creating his own first impression on a blind date with Anna, a genuine, real-life single member of the human race that we’re all supposedly a part of To ensure total mastery of his domain, Katherine Ryan and I will be monitoring Tom’s every move and word in a way that will somehow not be creepy or wrong or like the film, Slither, using a whole heap of technical shears not usually employed for amorous endeavors This is how all dates should be conducted This is very nice The double kiss

I think we should cheers Indeed Here’s to a date He’s already used the word, “Indeed” It’s over

To monitor their mood, we’re tooled up with software that interprets the emotional content of a conversation Well, the Emotional Diamond is telling us shy She’s confident Layered voice analysis technology more commonly used for fraud prevention and call center quality control, supposedly detects minute involuntary changes in the voice, thus reflecting various types of brain activity As the food based element of their dinner date arrives… Oh, thank you

…Tom’s on fire Best eat that nice food But the readings seem to contradict what we know in our hearts Tom, you’re in a rut Your Emotional Diamond is just pointing towards shy and stressful

We’re going to give you some lines from the Random Pick-up Generator For faltering conversation I’ve specifically commissioned software directly linked to the retrieved joke ring binders of Bob Monkhouse Do you have any raisins? Do you have any raisins? Any raisins? No How about another date then? How about another date then? Oh! I get it I get it

Oh Tom, the arousal just absolutely plummeted It was like the Depression here Temperature’s another sure fire giveaway, so we’re employing a camera that’s often used in property maintenance I can see that Anna’s got a very cold nose

She’s losing heat fast She’s got no pulse Tom! She’s flatlined Begin CPR immediately As Anna draws the date to a natural close, gadgets have allowed cupid’s shaft to strike home

You did drink more of the wine than me technically, but happy to cover the cost I think we’ve done an incredible job The nose is still cold but I think that maybe a blood supply problem on her part The confidence has been slightly knocked, so he’s done his job He’s still as shy as he used to be

His BPM’s out of control What I think we can probably tell is that both of these people need a full medical rundown

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations