Jay the King in Romantic Date with Evie – Part 10 – King of Thieves Descendants Disney

Disney Doll Story How dare you betray me? You think you can become a queen behind my back? My mother My poor mother

You have to save her from Maleficent Evie, Maleficent is not someone to be trifled with Jay, she is still my mother Help me Jay, you've conquered an entire kingdom by yourself

How impressive I'm the king But I don't have any people to rule over Just find the Eye of Black Water and wish that the curse on Auradon be broken I still need something from someone I love

I don't think Evie loves me There is only way to find out How about a meal? No I don't want to eat Please save my mother

That's what I mean How about we make a plan over a dinner? Really? You would do that for me? Yes Where is the plan? I just see food Have a seat? Let's eat first No

I can't eat when my mother is imprisoned in Maleficent's castle Ok Then we can just skip to dessert? No We need to go and save my mother Ok

So what's your plan? Just march into Maleficent's castle or sneak in? What do you think? Let's sneak in Let's climb over this fence and enter through the window Ok I can't reach Lift me up

I still can't reach Ok Climb on my back Ouch Ouch

Be careful There are rosebushes here Ouch You could've mentioned that earlier Change of plan

There is Maleficent Let's swim across this pond So we don't leave behind our footsteps Ok Let's swim

Jay, I don't know how to swim Get on my back Are you ok? Yes, as long as you are not wet We are almost here We just have find my mom

Puff Puff Who goes there? Is that you? Evie and Jay? Uh oh, we got caught What do we do? Maleficent, you have no where to go Give me back Evil Queen or taste my fist Hahahaa

You think you can fight me with your fist? We are locked up Oh no Jay, how do we get out? I'm so tired right now Let's think about it in morning There is no time to waste zzzzz Jay, Jay, oh no

Maleficent must have casted a sleeping spell on you Oh no Wake up zzzzz Wellthere is no other way I hope a kiss would wake you up Evie? You kissed me

I almost thought I lost you too We'll find a way out I think I know how Thank you for watching Please subscribe for more videos

See you next time

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations