Man Stages Fake Rape Rescue to Impress Girl

a man has staged a fake rape rescue to impress a girl this is a really odd story and arkansas man allegedly state is staged a fake rape attempt this is jeffrey tyler siegel twenty six years old he thought you know what this is what i'm gonna do i'm on this first date with this girl ominous set it up so friend of mine comes up and attempts to pretends to try to rate might be and then i'm in a rescue her and then it's which is going to go great how could this go wrong bus right lotto so that we were walking through the woods and uh according to the story that mister siegel told police officers they've been attacked by a man with a night when they were walking around and the suspect supposedly of course was wearing all black he came running out of the woods and uh and and that the uh

mister siegel was able to digg role ran away in mister siegel was able to fight the guy off police had some weird feelings about this they thought something wasn't right by things that that would be uh the type of thing that we may not expect from police from all the stories we hear about first responders and so on and so forth but as it turns out police do have uh there are many times they are able to pick up on these types of weird behavior and they said what do you come back and talk to us more about what's going on here and the the gaya mister siegel basically to shut down the key stop talking and police and listened to your problems we won't we won't prosecute you if you just tell us what really happened here because we don't want to be looking for a rapist that doesn't exist a patel would be rapist that doesn't exist and then siegel basically admitted you know what i set it all up i thought it would uh impress impress the girl it was all made up i really care about her and i thought maybe this would help my chances at making her my girlfriend needless to say louis it did not work once the grill found out about it she said i don't think i'm gonna be going on a second it tencha come up with something better than that think of all the things that have gone wrong to yeah well heated garage but i did already like lekar example this could have been much worse should there have been charges do you think the police shouldn't have said to him just tell us what went on a little file any charges well i don't think anything illegal happened will but think about that you're making a false claim to police that there was that there was a a real attempted rape you're lying to police investigators that uh that could be the only only thing but then he came clean so if i would you go with this like would you say i know you wouldn't set up a fake rape to impress a girl but would you set up like a fake purse snatching you ended up now what about like uh

easy setup someone to insult the girl you're on a date with army to set anything up soccer that's not the is this evidence of some kind of personality disorder anybody who does this or are they having some kind of issue no era minds me of the story i might get the facts from but uh i think it was uh was x don rickles who told the story that uh all yeah when he met frank sinatra in that frank sinatra news idaho in on the huge fanalyst anything came to a degree i'm gonna be on this day with this growth you can come by and say oh well it'll be great studies have in the disease on the day with a girl eating dinner frank sinatra coming as they caved on how's it going for ten to cm in the middle of something right here now you know one thing is what is the girl had a gun imagine that discuss friend could wind up dead we could have a very bad things could have gotten a lot of ways could have got a lot worse you're absolutely right lewis okay what sundays bonus show excellent bonus show today is being alone unhealthy not being lonely which is a subjective thing that different people would assess differently but is being alone too much unhealthy we'll talk about that new study is out about that will talk about the latest from north korea lot of propaganda coming from north korea and will also talk about do you want to drink a leg at george washington uh i don't actually but on the boat show will discuss what we're talking about how do you get the bonus show very easy david patten dot com slash membership sign up monthly yearly use amazon payments use pay pal send a check it's very very easy lewis david jacqueline dot com slashing membership david that michelle bandied impact with dot com

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