MY ONLINE DATING EXPERIENCE – Why I stopped using Tinder 🤔

Hello gorgeous people! ummm, so today I decided to do an other youtube tag which is my online dating experience so I hope you guys will enjoy it First of all I'd like to say that I started using dating websites when I was only 18 yo because I was single at that time so yeah Let's be real and honest, I was trying to be in a relationship with someone I think that's all, I didn't care if he was short, tall, if he had blue hair, I mean blue eyes, long hair, short hair I didn't care if he was black, white, asian or anything I just didn't care, I just wanted someone cute, that that I find, you know, attractive and who was in college that's all but as I was getting older and I broke up with my exes and stuff ummm, my criteria just changed so much, so so much so obviously I met different people on there

I only used Tinder and an other French dating website that I won't talk about right now I don't wanna talk about it because I don't want to I met very different guys I went on so many dates

Sometimes it was boring, sometimes it was fun Most of the time actually, I won't say it didn't end up well but there was no point to keep on seeing each other, talking to each other I didn't like them that much but one time I found someone interesting I'd say We got into a relationship and it didn't end up well I just broke up with him Let's be serious, I broke up with him because I didn't see my future with him

And one of the reason why I stopped and ended this relationship was because one day, things were messy between us and I just had this gut feeling like I should check if he was still using the website where we met he still used it I felt sad, I was like "why are you still using this website?" like we were together, I know things were very very messy and horrible between us but he was using it and so at that time I was like "this thing doesn't work for me" I mean dating website and dating online doesn't work for me because you're just like one click away from cheating like just one click, one talk, one chat, one number, you know just one profile and you can cheat on your significant other and I was like "yeah, but if he really loves you, if she really loves you she won't do this I know but at that time we were still together and he was still using this freaking website so I was like "why are you doing this to me?" This was not good And I know

I was not like the perfect girlfriend either I'm not blaming everything on him I don't wanna talk about that particular ex anyway because I don't have feelings for him no more It's been years anyway but I think this is one of the reason I just have this negative you know

feelings and thoughts about dating online right now and as I was getting older I was using Tinder and stuff only when I was bored I didn't have a crush, I didn't like anyone and I was like "I"m bored, let's chat with random people" and then I met nice people, interesting people and stuff but nothing serious you know Right now, I truly believe that there's a timing for everything and you do not have to force it to force your life, or to force yourself to get into a relationship with someone You don't have to, this isn't good You know, as my criterias and options and my vision of men in general change changed sorry I'm like No duh, no no no no no it's not working for me anymore because I think what we know but we are trying to hide from ourselves is You are not the only person your crush is talking to You are not He's not only talking to you girl, he's talking with 3 other girls you know that's life okay Let's not gonna lie We are talking to different guys so no need to blame if on men only but I think it's just not romantic, it's not cool like How is it cool like We happen to be online at the same time and then he came and talk to me and we were talking and maybe you didn't hook up or anything and you get into a relationship This is not romantic at all and I think it is just forced This is forced because you don't even know if you were the 1st option Maybe you were the one he didn't like that much Maybe you were just number 3 or number 4 on his list but he couldn't get with number 1, 2 and 3 so he decided to be with number 4 and this is really degrading and this is not good for your self esteem so I think you need to have a very very good self esteem of yourself because you can be rejected And one thing I really noticed too is You are always trying to compare people You are comparing like Is this one the best looking of them all? Is this one who has got the highest degree of them all? This is just something when we are designed as products and we are comparing people like "I prefer, for example, this deodorant because it smells better" As human beings, we should not be compared that way when it comes* to choosing a partner or anything Sometimes people are not even reading descriptions Trust me I'm not gonna judge anyone on it but this is one of the reasons I stopped because I was comparing people like "He's cute, he's nice you know" And I think as woman, we choose actually We choose if we want to be with a guy or not We hold the key You choose if you wanna hookup with him, you choose if you don't want No man is gonna come and force you like" hookup with me" If you spread your legs, it's because you wanted to I'm not talking about rape or anything okay I'm just talking about this situationship stuff I'm not judging you if you are in a situationship right now I've been there Stay strong, you'll get through it As I said, my criterias changed a lot within the years and when I was 18, I was dating just to get a boyfriend I didn't think about marriage at that time, I didn't think about having children I just started college I didn't think about all of that, I was just thinking about

about school basically But now, I'm dating to build something with someone, I'm dating to, you know If I start a relationship with anyone, I'll stick with that person I don't have no more months, no more days, no more weeks, no more hours, no more minutes, no more seconds, no more years to spend on someone I don't see a future with because I think I just reached that age where you think about your future a lot You're like I need to choose my path, I need to choose it right now because if I'm taking too long to choose, I might miss good opportunities I might miss good things, great things and I need to choose wisely I need to think about it, I'm like I need to choose I won't say the perfect match but I would say the right match I want to be able to say like 10 years down the road I made the right choice

I don't wanna wake up 10 years from now and telling myself I should have chosen Paul, I should have chosen Pierre I'm telling Pierre because I speak French It's easier for me It's a French name I don't want to wake up one day and be like "I should have chosen this, I should have chosen that, I should have done this differently" I'm not perfectionist I really

think that when you reach a certain age your thoughts are changing, your dreams are changing, You are evolving actually And even if I'm scared of it, I might have some fears and doubts but I believe that there's a right time for everything and you just have to trust life actually, Trust God, trust the universe, trust Buddha Trust whatever you want to trust but Trust that there is a time for everything because if you're getting into a relationship too soon*, It will not work out And if it's too late, then well it's too late dude There's a right time for everything and you meet the right people at the right time And I struggled with understanding this because I was like "I like him, he likes me too" As a woman, you have to go to a platform, you know, and trying to be found by a guy like You can go outside and some guys are gonna holla at you because you're pretty You can go at a party and some guys gonna come at you and take your number You can come, I don't know, to a dr's appointment and you gonna meet someone You do not need to force yourself to use those platforms to get a guy's attention You don't need to Sometimes, you just upload a selfie on Facebook or Snapchat and some guys gonna hit you up like "Hello beautiful" You don't need to force relationship that much I'm not talking about the people who really found love on Tinder or Lovoo I'm really happy for you if you found your soulmate on Tinder

It's perfectly good I'm happy for you but it didn't work for me I think only 1% or 2% of *singles really meet their right match by using those platforms because It's like you're entering a room, you're creating your profile, you put your hottest selfies on there You put a description, you tell what you want, how you look like bla bla bla bla and then you go and pick someone or maybe personally that's what I'm doing, I'm waiting for guys to come at me I'm gonna visit his profile and stuff and I'm waiting for him to come at me If he doesn't, fine, if he does, good You enter a room There are hundred guys there* and tell me what is the probability of you finding someone attractive and this person thinks you're cute too, so you like each other, I'm saying you like each other, you don't love each other and then what's the probability of you and him wanting the *same thing? Because I've lived it dude I think the probability of finding someone *you like and this person to like you back and both of you to want the same thing is very very low at least for me Sometimes, you're just like "Is this really what I am attracting?" "Do you really think you have a chance with me?" or something like "OMG, this guy is so cute, he really thinks I'm cute too?" You know things like that, so sometimes it's surprising, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad but Me personally, I'm over it I listed 3 reasons 1- because I'm getting older and I think my priorities just changed 2 – because I think that the probability of finding someone that's suitable for you that's going to be the right match for you is quite low and you have to spend so much time on there 3 – because you can question your worth, your self worth you know, your self esteem can be Ok, so I think that's all because it's getting way too long

See you later guys, love you xx

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