React!! Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series : Date [korean guy reaction] 필리핀에서 핫하다는 그 영상!

(Video testing) I can speak 4 languages (idle talk) Hello(English) Gonichiwa(Japanese) Sawadikap(Thai) ????????? and also I can speak 4 languages Actually 5 languages(Kidding) Today's video I don't know exactly I have not seen it yet I heard it was the most famous video in the Philippines And many people already know it So i wanna watch this video I don't know what is story and also i don't know a simple video or music video I should watch right noooooow Let's watch it There is English subtitle Fortunately MAMA SO sad 🙁 Ah

Be sad in a short time I feel bummed out Something like Ummmmmm This story has depth My friend recommended me this video I understand what is video story Fortunately i can read english subtitle This is really really sad Yeah I got to know This is not music video when i watched this video thumbnail i thought this video is just music video but that's not true Anyway This i would like to this video for my friends K What a Just Thank you for recommend a Good video I thought one thing! Many koreans like sad story

sad movie, sad music and so on But i don't like Anyway This is so good video I got another video recommended So i will watch that More long story! I think that video also good OK Thanks for watching me

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations