Soft & Romantic Valentine’s Day Look | Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to get a jump start on Valentine's Day and give you guys a few books to work with as far as you know maybe having a date night or maybe a alone night with pizza and Netflix, no chill zero chill without further ado Let's get started on a Valentine's Day makeup Hope for the best for date night, so I'm gonna go ahead and start off with Urban Decay's primer potion because we want this to last whether we're making out or subbing Into our cupcakes and now I'm gonna go ahead and take so I'm gonna be using this Mac warm neutral palette, I don't know if they make these anymore I actually haven't checked but either way like I'll just tell you kind of what shade I'm using and You can Follow along with something that works for you, so I'm gonna use something That's pretty close to my skin tone obviously if you are not translucent Then you will want to use something else and just take that all over the lid And I went ahead and did my face Because I have done my face enough times

I feel like you guys probably know What I do cover my face with a whole lot of shit and just hope for the best now I'm going to take a kind of rosy color something sort of like that that business and a little pencil brush, and I'm just gonna put that Right on the inside corner kind of we're not gonna do the entire crease because I don't feel like it But I guess if you decide that you need a little bit more dimension in your eye Then you can go ahead and do a light layer of something in the in the socket but I Don't really care too, so I'm not going to and now with a really small detailing brush I am going to go into the super red based Brown And I'm going to kind of carve out a little bit here and don't worry about blending it Just yet now go back in with that original pink and start to blend just the edge of that dark line I don't want it to be too harsh I just wanted to give me a little bit more dimension there and I'm going to grab a little brush and a very very light shimmery pink and just blend that up into the Eyebrow all right now we're gonna Go ahead and move into mac's blacktrack and i'm gonna create a little wing which I'm sure you guys know how to do so Follow along if you need to otherwise I'll see you back in a second Okay now that that's done I'm not gonna pull it all the way into the inside because that helps you to kind of create a very like wide-eyed Kind of Jewish look so I'm gonna keep that That's nice Now I'm gonna take my little pencil brush grab some of that Rosy color only on the outside half And then grab the Darker Brown and on the outer third give yourself a little shading there, okay now We're gonna go into a mid-tone Brown We use this guy right here and I'm gonna use the same brush that I used with the rose color and just blend out some of this darker Brown And you can always take a fluffy brush and help that along Now I'm gonna go back into that cream liner, and I'm going to line my waterline Now that I've gotten all of that done And I'm gonna go half way and then Start pulling it into the lash line instead of the waterline Now kind of start to fade it out here now grab your detail brush and that darker Brown that you used and Blend out a little bit on that line so with the darker Brown

I'm only blending out the first third and Then you can grab that Lighter brown that you were using and blend a little bit there and go ahead and grab your favorite highlighting color so mine is Nylon by Mac, and I'm just gonna rub my finger into it And put it right there in the corner And I'll grab a little bit and put it right here, too Alright the only thing I have to do to finish the eyes is to curl my lashes and put on mascara and I'm gonna double up with Givenchy and Voluminous and I love using this on my lower lash line too It's just a lot easier to control Don't make nearly as many mistakes Alright now while that's still wet I'm gonna go ahead and go in with my voluminous Just on the top lashes, and I'm going to Really scrub that in if you already have long lashes This is a really good way of getting away with not wearing falsies If you don't want to I'm just adding another layer of a different brand of mascara and don't forget to push up the outside Corner alright now as far as lipstick is concerned I think I'm just gonna go with something really easy And I'm gonna use whirl and then fill it in with a slightly lighter lipstick color All right, so I filled in with whirl and now I think I'm kind of bust open my Super messy palate, and I am going to use this color, which is like my lips, but better So basically use a deeper kind of rosy color for your outer line, and then your lips, but better lipstick And that's it as always if you liked this video hit the thumbs up button And if you really like this video hit the subscribe button and don't forget to hit the little bell that's next to the subscribe button So that you'll actually get notified when I release new videos every Tuesday and Thursday You can follow me elsewhere at Oh Joely xox, and that's on Facebook Twitter Instagram all of that business and on my website Oh – Olli calm if you have any comments concerns or requests Please leave them in the comment box below and tell me what you plan to do for Valentine's Day Are you going to actually have a date, or are you going to do the whole? fuck Valentine's Day the patriarchy and consumerism and Let me know what you plan to do for Valentine's Day, or if you plan to celebrate at all? I hope to see you next time mwah

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