Tinder Date Gone Wrong Ft. Equalist Aastha – Online Dating Comedy

Sotell me more about yourself Kunal! There is lot to say but then I don't know where to start Umm Your tinder profile says that you're a rideris that true? Oh yeah I'm a rider You know I just love the fresh air that brushes though my face and goes through my hair It just feels amazing Oh wow that sounds amazing! Oh yeah and you know especially when you're at the top speed on an empty road it feels bliss… And I kinda like adventures

You see I get a kick everytime I am facing some life threatening element so like an adrenaline rush? Totally! Wow so like…you play with death?! Exactly! Did I tell you that I play professional football? Oh my God! What position do you play?! I can play any position As in? As in I adjust depending on my team's needs Kinda flexible and trained for everything

Why are you going on the field? Not even today? Did you forget that you are a substitute? I'll surely come some day to watch you play! Yes I'll surely call you Well I am a good cook as well Oh my God! I'm impressed But all this is about me Tell me something about yourself

Well me?! I've already told you that I'm a singer, designer, poet Yeah but this was on your tinder profile as well Tell me something that's unique about you! Okay I'll tell you something but don't freak out Ummdid I tell you that I'm a magician?! Whoa no way!!! Yup! I can do so so many tricks that most magicians can't do! Like what?! Like this

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations