TUTORIAL: Easy Romantic Hairstyles for Date Night ♡

Hi all! Today we will present How to create two lovely hairstyles But first of all, we want to share some tips

As you all know, strong hair is So if you have problems like dry hair, difficult to stick, mess or damage First, you need to use specialized products to handle these problems At the moment we like to use the Pantene Damaged Hair Care line They really help with problems with damaged hair, Because we often bend and dye our hair We used Pantene shampoo and conditioner last night Well, do not forget to use conditioner because it really enhances hair condition Especially the tip of the hair because it is the most damaged But if your hair is damaged then You need to add this product to your hair care routine

This is Pantene Damaged Hair Serum You can use it twice a week Similar to the conditioner but the mask is much more effective We will use Pantene Non-Rinse Cream This product is convenient to use anywhere, And you do not need to rinse after use

You just use it like this You apply on your hair And creams will protect your hair from the effects of temperature And the hair looks sleek all day long That's all! Now let's get started! Romantic Hairstyle 1 Step 1: Pull a lock of hair forward to the back of your head Use a toothpick to fix the lock Step 2: Take two curls on either side of your head then tie it together

But when tying hair Do not pull all the hair through the lanyard because you need to create a small ring to make a bow For step 3, It is better to stand back in front of the mirror You turn round the hair into two equal parts and pulled out a ribbon Then use the clamp to fix the nostril on the hair below If you want, you can spread the knot for bigger, or clamp down for smaller

The last step is to cover the hair band Get a small lock of hair on the back of the bow Then you just pull the hair through It's done! Hairstyle with a romantic ribbon Romantic Hairstyles 2 With this hairstyle First you need to divide the hair into two parts

Spread the hair from the top to the back of the head You can leave a lock on the front if you like, as you are doing Remember to divide your hair to form a balanced heart Now you turn your hair from behind the ear Use small strings to tie the hair first, the other

Then you start knitting If you're tired of knitting on the back of your head, Then pull the braid out first It will be easier to do so Use a bra strap Repeat the operation for the other party

Now you twist the first one up Use a permanent clamp on the lower part of your hair And above And the bottom curve! Repeat the same for the second pigtail Forcing both the braids one by one

If you like, you can add a ribbon for extra pleasure So you are ready to conquer someone's heart! Here is the secret of our romantic hairstyle Seeing that is so easy to do, right? We think these hairstyles are perfect for Valentine's Day, Dating with a boyfriend or hanging out with a girlfriend, Or simply want to do fun Yes, making hairstyles is fun! So what do you have for Valentine's Day? Remember to share your thoughts in the comment section below And do not forget to click on the sign, Subscribe to our channel and see you next! Goodbye! Thanks for watching!

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