What is VALENTINE’S DAY in Rotterdam?

Pull the trigger ain't nobody gonna do it for you maybe you should pull the fucking trigger Pull the trigger aint nobody gonna do it for you very commercial everyone keeps saying that okay okay but I think i Think its a nice thing

just to have some quality time with your girlfriend if you have one it's a nice I don't think it needs to give some presents but it's nice if you do do so I think it's a nice day everybody's feeling happy its a day for people to get together to know each other errrr spending money my girlfriend i guess but not a lot like I know she likes it when we celebrate valentine's day together you know every day should be valentine day so that is why you celebrate it because it's special for your girlfriend

she likes it and I don't want to be like a grumpy guy who doesn't celebrate valentine's day i dont think thats really important because, when you love someone you have to express your feelings everyday not just a single day to

its for loved ones right? i think its for love ones to celebrate their relationships together and you guys? the same as Ajuwa I don't know it's just another day yeah it's the name does it mean anything to you ?

not really, but you just celebrating it because everyone is ? Yeah! my opinion Valentine's means celebrating the day just with your love ones

the one you love so that is why you are celebrating it yeah just with friends its kind of a media thingthey made this day special everyday has to be special with loved one i don't really get it why they do it on this day I don't think anything is special for me about this day its valentines day and we go for yeah it Bam!!! err i don't think it's special I don't think it's special okay because I make more money okay thats good no because I represent love like I already said so yeah people like to eat stroopwafels especially with chocolates on Valentine's Day make their ladies happy which is very important now what are you making at the moment I'm just rolling the dough so I make the big stroopwafels okay it's just another day you know

another day they call special in a year errrso you're not really excited about it? NO we don't really celebrate or have boyfriends sooooo its very commercial like all the shops have like hearts both ways a girl can ask a boy out if she wants but actually it doesn't matter

but what would you pick if I prefer the guy asked me if I really like guy and he didn't ask me, i would ask him if you have the gust to do it i would do it, why not? really a bad idea if a girl should ask its not bad that's not bad but not common I mean it is quit mmanly to ask the girl out instead of the other side No?if the girl finds that it is important day , maybe yes! but if the girl is conscious that it's just an ordinary day then i dont think its you? i agree, but i would like that he ask me first urgggg no i don't believe/ care about that err i think its nice if he does and what about if the girl should ask the guy it's 2018 so that's no problem I think okay yeah errrrr love MONEYnooooo just kidiing Love i dont have a love one so i will pick money Smart choice Love why not money? Money goes aroundhahahah Love probably why not money you are a guy? i have money!!!!!! errrm love

like family and friends not only someone you love money comes after love okay that's right I make money by love Yes in what way? it is not about the love anymore

its just like people want to sell things like yeah i dont know I believe that also errr I think it's a little bit more commercial now so it really matters how much you spend on Valentine's Day and what you do and you know you can post on Facebook hey yeah look at me I'm at this five-star restaurant and everything you knowI guess that's how it's changed yeah I think like 20 25 years ago people will move more conversative i mean, like more shy and more of right to do stuff in public and how people are like just come around whatever you are in like gay people whatever whatever people's preferences are yeah I mean people aren't shy to say it anymore and in the 90s I think it was a big deal if you were like any differences usual people I think ok mmm and now people are do you mean you she wants to see it in the movies like like sex and stuff is not like it's not like strange behind windows anymore like in the public i am about to meet us with my girlfriend, eat something really quick because she has to work tonight sooo because have got different plants either than working on valentines day well yes tonight and going out for dinner yeah which is a good thing yes and let's see what the night brings okay so are you going to be the family or got a special person? no no family, gave me enough love already over the years okay, so valentine's day is for the special lady we are celebrating her birthday Happy Birthday!!!!! Thank you right now we are going to see a movie not love movie but Horror movie i think a weapon of distruction okay because you also don't miss the you disagree with the idea of Valentine's Day that's right okay I think it's an instrument of mass destruction I never Instrument of love i think

and you yeah

i think its for love errr it depends it depends on the target i think its an instrument of love weapon of mass destruction i never considered it like that I think it's very different than that no it's like just love in the air be both i think it could be love and also destruction right? if you love someone and the person does not love you its a destruction right? it kinda explains itself roses because i don't like chocolates

same because i don't like chocolates soooo roses okay she definitely wants to go for chocolates roses she is allergic to chocolate oh that's a bad question then is that why you've got flowers

nooo this is for my mum probably chocolate my girlfriend really like chocolate chocolate chocolate no roses no chocolate because it's very addictiveerr i will give her something else like i wouldn't give her food on valentine i would give her some special love,quality time we did it last year we didnt really celebrate it we were just together but nothing special errr we are gonna have free dinner and add a glass of champagne I bet you had a nice time i think non of us have you think its a waste of time no because I think it's a nice day to have some fun it's not the meaning of the word thats just not for me so you're telling me you've never ever celebrated Valentine's Day yes I have but I do it this Thursday with my girlfriend so it's for me it's not that it has to be on this day or this day just doing something nice with my girlfriend absolutely every yeari usually give the present and I'm gonna get a present back it's always exciting what I'm gonna get back but I start with the first present and then usually go out for dinner have a few wines night goes on nice keep staying long wake up in the morning at like breakfast with a nice lady used to be these days my girlfriend was four years ago thats a difficult question are you an angel girl did you fall from heaven cause you're an angel you best pick up line hey guy you look so good just say you look nice just be straight if you like and just say you like himto a celebrity Oh celebrity yeah no idea yeah it depends on who it is hmmmmm celebrity* looks around* think about the gorgeous guy, the pretty lady ohhhhh i dont know

no idea to a celebrity

like your dream celebrity eg Chris Brown i don't know if you like Chris Brown yeah yeah

i dont know if they know who chris brown is hehe Ajuwa

okay so whos your favourite celebrity? Chris Brown errrrrr is a good singer! errr i don't know you handsome i don't know

i think you know

( my beauty) to my mum!!! shoutout to all my friends shoutout to my fellow ok

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