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And today, I am *so* excited to share with you guys this episode! As most of you know, one of my favorite topics in the world is to talk about dating with a disability, from everything from dating apps to sex to building relationships to dating tips, all of the above So, I thought that it would be really fun if I implemented a new sketch series on the channel that tackles all of the different scenarios that people with disabilities go through when they are dating, I wanted to do this series because I learned through my own personal dating experiences that when I was getting to know somebody, they had a lot of questions of what to do, what not to do, what happens when this happens, what if we're in this scenario and this happens, how do you handle this, should I help you with that, and all of the above So I thought, well if *these* people had all of these questions I'm sure there are much much more people who have the same types of questions, because this series is here to help demonstrate the do's and don'ts of dating a person with a disability For today's episode, we're going to talk about wheelchair bumping Now, I kind of just made that up no, it's nothing erotic unfortunately, but it is something that does happen

So for instance, say you and your boo are on a date, you guys are just having a good time, you're laughing, you're smiling, you're flirting and you're just glad to see each other- and then this shit happens So what do you do? I'll take care of this Hey excuse me brah? Brah? *Brah*! You just tapped my lady Oh! Uh I need to get some ice for my, uh- for the water and for my eye Okay, do what- do what you need to do

Go get some ice, go get some ice, I think you need ice Now obviously, this isn't the *best* way to handle the situation, but I get it, you want to help out, you want to show that person that what they did was fucked up and rude But *that* isn't necessarily the best way to handle it Let's try this again One sugar cookie for the sweet lady

Thank you so much! No problem, thanks for making this happen Well of course, I'm glad we were able to make time for each other You're way busier than me Well, I just- Hey! Show the lady some respect? Oh, I'm sorry! See? Now that was much better It was aggressive enough to let the other person know that what they did was rude, but everyone stayed calm, everyone stayed safe, and everybody's teeth stayed in their mouth

But let's see if we can handle it another way! Hey! Hi! It's been a while, how are you? I'm good, how are you? I'm great! I know you looked familiar, I was just like- who?- hi! Did you, well thank you, I'm doing good- *dark music as newcomer feeds Lolo a strawberry* That was the best strawberry I've ever had in my life Good, what's your number? My number? Oh, three one zero five five five four two three one Got it Yes, please hit me up, cause I I definitely wanna- oh uh when I'm done with this Thank you for the apology brother, bless you

Bless you Now obviously this isn't a good look either We as people with disabilities have to be aware of when we're being rude as well So, moral of the story is, when a third party person comes and wants to ruin your date or ends up being rude or ends up being inappropriate, the best way to handle it is to be calm You could show a little aggression to let that person know that what they did wasn't right, but you never want to result in any physical altercations

If you liked this video, leave a comment! And if you have any other stories to share that you think would be good for the series, go ahead and leave me a comment! But that is all for today, so as always, leave a comment, like this video, share this video, and of course, subscribe It's Sitting Pretty baby Peace

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