How to Choose Wine to Impress Your Hot Date

– I'm Jeremy Repanich, and I gotta hot date – I'm Patrick Cappiello, and I know he's lying

(jazzy music) – So we're here at Vintry Wines in New York City I talked to a lot of other guys They want to buy a bottle of wine for them and their significant other They wanna seem like they're with it and they know what they're doing What can you do to make a wine to like, impress the woman that you're with? – If you're aware of kind of what's happening in the wine scene, just even a little bit and kinda how things are changing

You know, wine's becoming cooler to drink And within the realm of the fact that wine is cool to drink, there are regions that are really cool, super cool, like, even like hip regions If you really wanna have a good conversation starter– – [Jeremy] And a good date, okay – [Patrick] And a good date is to drink something like from the Jura, which is a little area in France right on the border of Switzerland It's kind of the Mecca for geekier wines

Some of them are a little bit funky and a little crazy They're on the tip of a lot of people's tongues who are interested in wine So it'll really make it look like you know what you're talking about Like, this is the hip region if you're into wine from right now baby Tissot, one of the classic producers in this area

This is made from a grape called savagnin which is one of the two really favored white grapes in the region So I think expanding into something like this, there's a story that's cool because it's a winery that's been there for a very long time and they made the wines in this very particular style for this entire time – So what food am I serving with this? – Well, there's a couple of things I mean, there's a cheese that's made in the Jura called Comte which is one of my all-time favorite cheeses So like, Comte and white wine from the Jura it's like, it's an awesome pair

You can even have it with things like chicken or even like seafood I don't know how adventurous of a cook you are, but, you know, there's opportunity for– – Oh, no, I'm not too bad – All right, all right – Not too bad – So go to the Jura, it's gonna give you a little bit of a story to tell

It's gonna give you a kind of a unique wine that maybe she hasn't tried before And it's gonna make you look smart and interesting so it's gonna be a total duping – Yes All of those – Yeah

– Success

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations