Virtual Youtuber Tries Online Dating Everything Goes Wrong

Hey what's up guys this is echo here And today I'm going to try something out of the blue Which is I'll try to date of course only on website called tsdateme

io Nothing to worry I also try other sides but this one comes first though So let's just get started This is just a referral site what the hell I got deceived This is a total referral site It's not the real thing It's So gu-guys actually I just want to say one thing If you came for the purpose of this Then don't expect that because after all is just a Referral site After a long hours of searching the internet I finally found this dating place, which is called umm seeking arrangement Millions of women seeking sugar daddies Oh my god Find your arrangement mmm nice YAAAASSS!!! wow That's featured in Wow, this thing is quite popular wait, it's featured in Playboy too Make sense General sugar daddies

attractive sugar babies nice wait So many positive reviews, okay, so Let's get started let's Let's Join so I'm a man Who's a What is this? I can be a sugar baby wow Wait Which one should I take sugar baby or daddy? I'm not a baby all right not a daddy either Let's stick with daddy and I'm interested in Male? nah, I'm not gay both? No Female And your email address Okay guys, so I just finished registering on this site and this is where I end up so Let's just get started

I don't care where you're from I just want someone to love Yes Okay, so Where do I start? Mmm, all right, let's start with this Is anyone out there genuine? Yes, I'm geniune 😎 *laughs* Oh My Oh wait, there's a relationship status Let's check

I want singles Yes Search Yeah, okay Hey, I like you all of you now, someone message me please I need someone Wait, what am I doing? Wait your profile cannot be discovered yet Okay after a long time of Completing my profile and some hard work like that I am finally going to Start my real game for real 😎 so Let's start with this one because its first in the list Okay Oof Yeah 😎 Wait to send a message, you must

ADD A PUBLIC PHOTO?! So guys this is what happened after a very long wait for like two days or perhaps even more let's just say I wait for more than two days, although I didn't but This is what happened It's just like a couple of people already watched my profile Although I have no profile picture Because the profile picture I used Got rejected And so it was deleted of course and the reason why they rejected oh another person favorited Oh my god Yay All right, let's send message Hello Alright let's this way yeah, so only this person favorited me I just want to say thank you for favorite-ing me Although I have no profile picture 😎 And these people just viewed my profile although they know I have no profile picture and I only got one message So wait Do I have to upgrade? my profile so that I can read this or is it something else Wait, upload a photo to communicate with members upgrade now to message without a photo Wait, I just don't get this I mean like do I have to Do I really have to give my real life profile picture? Or is it really fine if I just don't? Mmm just favorite-ing back Wait, it's a match break the ice Oh my god How do I break the ice? it's like you break a cu- an Ice Cube oh I don't know Well So I just have to upgrade to read the message, yeah? Fine then Wait! profile views are only shown for the previous 180 days

All right Wait the ones I already favorited they also viewed me Yay Now mmmI think if I just upload my real life profile picture then Perhaps it can work

Oh No Alright, I'll just try out my real life profile picture and after this I'll see what's up So guys after waiting for days and hours and minutes and seconds I have got absolutely nothing Nothing to worry guys because I still got another trick in my sleeves and that is I'm going to use another site called Fakku dating here you just select where you-whether you're male female or you have another gender that likes Wait I like anything Wow And I'm looking for oh my god anything So you just basically choose an avatar and That's it So you just say whether you're male female Whether whatever you like and what are we looking for? And you choose an avatar? And that's it Nice Okay So I will just keep on waiting and I'll pause this video for now and WHE we find someone I will replay it After waiting for a very long time I finally found a partner So let's say hi Hello Are you there mate? He's probably dead or something let's find another one Oh Hi Please don't tell me this one's dead, too Hey how are you I'm fine what about you I'm fine, too So, what are you up to I'll find someone else Wait, was it the same guy? Yeah, it is the same person Dead person Let's just Okay, so Hi It's a guy I'm not a gay I'min Was doing a poo sorry if you waited a while Hi Sup Finally someone replied to me Fine

u? Typo Do you think I should use a different name? Maybe the one I use makes people upset Why would a name make people upset? lol Well, you know 2018 and all Anything and everything is insulting what name you used typo Well, the one you seeon you see 8=D It's a happy face with glasses on him and that makes people upset? Weird Although some might argue It's a (lollipop) *censorship* Eww (what's bad about lollipops?) no it's not I can even tell By the way, I'm straight hi straight I thought this site was to find true love No, it is to find true love typo But I keep getting the cold shoulder from people The title says it awww I even came across this racist American XD Demon was the name he was going by Wait that's the same person who try to skip me mmmm He was quite amusing Blaming me for his life problems demon Wait, I think I met that person before He instantly skipped me 😭 He had the pick of the guy holding a heart Yep Yeah XD Ignore these people he got better people out there

He got issues mate could be Typo So, how are you just fine you? I'm alright also Kinda late and should be sleeping XD But I was bored Well, you should sleep then Maybe in a bit Life is boring Ok, bye bro ttyl it's not always too bad Take care and don't think of life as boring all the time 🙂 Enjoy Sure thing mate although I did get a friend in the end, but I didn't get a date Sadly So guys, thanks for watching my video If you liked it, please hit that thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like this And till then, see ya later everyone Wait, what the hell you caught my attention Are you interested in an arrangement? Wait, I swear I didn't send it *No seriously I didn't send it* Nooooooooooo She already thinks I'm a weirdo Only if I could upgrade I could've seen what's here, but I swear I didn't type that What the hell man (I got hacked) The ant

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations