Best Looks to Wear Around Your Crush: INSTAGRAM-Worthy ROMANTIC Summer Style, JCREW Giveaway!

So, you want to look adorable for that special someone Maybe you're in a relationship, maybe you're going on a group date, or maybe you're just seeing them at school and you really want to catch their eye

Well today, ladies, you're in luck Because, in this video, I'm giving you three of the most romantic summer date looks I teamed up with the beautiful and talented fashion blogger, Joelle Anello, of LaPetiteNoob, whose Instagram style embodies everything pretty and romantic And today, she's going to style me in three looks, based on her own signature style that I think are perfect for a romantic summer date There is a giveaway for this video for a $100 gift card to JCrew

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is follow both Joelle and I on Instagram and like this photo in my feed Okay guys, let's get right into the outfits #1 is the Bohemian Babe This outfit perfect balances darling and daring And I think it would be perfect for something really fun like a music festival, or even something more casual like a movie

We've gone with this patterned waif dress, this adorable mock [indecipherable] from Forever 21, And some fun sunglasses keep the retro vibe going And a really fun pair of chunky heels Outfit #2 is City Chic This outfit is smart, fun, and hip, and is perfect for interesting and active dates like going to an art gallery or going thrift shopping together We've chosen this cute nautical tank top with this mustard colored patterned skirt

And another fun pair of chunky heels But, with this outfit, these can easily be substituted with a cute pair of runners I personally really like this look I felt so comfortable in it, and I would definitely want to go on a date in something like this Outfit #3 is the Ingénue

This look is classically romantic and feminine and can easily be taken from day to night I can definitely imagine this look for a lunch on the peer during the day, and then a long, romantic walk on the boardwalk at night For this look, we've chosen a white crop top and a long, flowy skirt, a cute handbag and another pair of chunky shoes, which we absolutely love this season All in all, guys, the key ingredient for success on a date is that you feel confident and comfortable So, whatever look works best for you, go for it

And I'm so excited to hear how these looks work for you Alright, you guys, if you love this video, give it a huge thumbs up and definitely enter the giveaway by following me and Joelle on Instagram and liking this post right here And of course, guys, subscribe to Ask Kimberly for more weekly videos on relationships Bye, everybody! Captions by GetTranscribedcom

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