Cheaters On First Date (Plot Twists Will Blow Your Mind!)|Dating a Cheater|Dating On Valentine’s Day

[Restaurant & Jazz music] [Clock tik tok] Girl's thoughts in a restaurant:When is my sexy sexy date going to show up Look at that couple very cute girl just wait My man is gonna be better than yours Waiter:Your date isn't going to show up I guess Would you like to order something

Oh he will come Ma'am other people are leaving you must order something get me pizza [Hungry stomach] Two pizza [Weird guy walks in] Hey Let's date? Oh please

we talked on the dating app Was thatt you yeah, really yo yep, that's my pic [Hot guy fake dating profile picture] Cheaters on first date Waiter We want two Salad and oranges? I'm sorry about that picture and for being late Thank you Why are you so late? I was at the gym working out on my muscles, and I am a very funny guy I see and I am very manly wow and by-the-bye Nice pink t-shirt thing, it's magenta [Girls Just Wanna Have Fun playing on the phone] And fabulous ringtone did you order two pizzas before I came up um It was here when I got here Why you wanna eat No

I I work out I eat healthy me, too [Girl laughs] [Sigh] So it's going good so far you are funny What do you do Freddy right yeah, well, you know Michael Jackson? do I know Michael Jackson? He's my idol Oh, yeah me and him we're best friends see my pic with him the head looks exactly similar to the fake pic you had with good body I Have a huge D? Do you yeah big dance school and my students are excellent It's called Freddie's dance school [Dancing] What Jason why are you not dancing right now? Freddy, don't talk like that with me, I am your only student

Without me You'd be in debts and this will become the empty dance school Can't you hear the echo in this room? I earn great What do you do? I run an online shopping website? It's called we deal right away company Hello, this is Rupal from We Deal right away company, and I'm selling cooking utensils Do I look like a girl interested in buying cooking utensils? [Door slammed on sales girl's face] It's amazing just like your business is [Sigh] So When was your last relationship? I'm sorry You don't want to talk about it on the first date No it's cool

Man I never really had any [Rupal dancing with her ex boyfriend chanting her name] Rupal, what are you doing? Hey baby Today's world's Ex Boyfriend Day and suddenly all my ex boyfriends showed up There is no one World Ex-boyfriend Day, I kind of made it up I just can't I just can't be with you more anymore alright, then you also join the ex-boyfriend party [Weird guys dancing] Have you ever been in a relationship I had a girlfriend she broke my heart and Then each pieces of my heart Wanted to love a new girl [Threw pieces of tissue papers on a girl] What are you doing seriously yeah I don't want to talk about my exes right now, or hear you insult any woman just because they're your ex okay Please be serious I am thinking about settling down, and I really like you Thanks But you went a little too serious over there I mean it's a first date I was just kind of hoping to hop on your tool you fool I am your Valentine So I thought it was a serious thing It's Valentine's Day and oh my god

Oh my oh oh [Smashing her water bottle] My back one broke the ear that on my garden here What's your back bone? I gotta go [Leaving the date in complete] Okay can I drop no I mean it was great to meet you, and I will definitely Call you but bye [Dialing her actual boyfriend's number Hi, Baby it's me happy Valentine's Day sorry I couldn't come because I was stuck here in an important business meeting and in City restaurant, I was not cheating on you again Sir here is your salad [Someone throws it on man's face] Freddie you actually started dating someone so fast Didn't you too? no I brought him here to make you jealous You really think I would date someone like this guy Jeremy it's James, and you used me too James shut up I'm discussing something serious right now I think I love your friend I don't know let's get a table and talk about it I'm sorry It didn't work out between you and it's okay Oh, you know it's Valentine's Day It's free man

No sex for me I was just leaving off from work Um I'm free tonight Yeah [Both men looking at each other with love] Boyfriend:Well your date's gay Boyfriend:Well your date is already with another man [Apologizing to her boyfriend for cheating on him] [Swallowed big piece of food] SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! and I love you

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations