Date Night Makeup – Do’s and Don’ts – Part 2

So now when we got our brows done – we have framed our face We are gonna move on to eyeshadow and that's gonna give us that you know that sexy look that when we look into the guy he's gonna wanna rule number one when it comes to eyeshadow -, you know that eye primer is Necessary no matter what Anyone says primer is You know – here to stay, so for that I'm gonna be using the eyeshadow primer This is part of the PERFECTtitude series so it's long-lasting and it's actually you know has a little neut – tone so If you like that or if you have any, you know, red eyelids, it's gonna kind of neutralize the tone of them So for my eyes, I'm gonna be using their eye devotion 720 devoted to metallics palette and this is a really cute and small palette that you can have in your purse and It has basically everything you need, you know, if you're gonna travel or just want to you know Spark it up after work, if you're going straight after work to your date or any other event

I start by using Blending brush to go into my crease These colors are actually shimmering so it's nice if you like Shimmery shades, otherwise you can always replace with similar that are matte But since I want to go for a more summerly, glowy look I'm gonna take these shades Also, it's really nice that they reflect some light is – because I have smaller eyes So it's gonna give the illusion of a bigger eye and especially when I go and Bring in the darker shapes – the darker shades not shapes then I go in with the brownish And start from the outer corner inwards – you see it starts to create that nice depth Then after that I'm gonna take my finger and take that golden shade and just put it – like dab it On my lip Closer to the lash line And then take my brush and just blend in With a smaller brush just take the lightest shade And apply it on the inner corner Then with the darker shade to go with a eyeliner brush or flat brush And just put it on the lower lash line Close to the lash line doesn't have to be like so perfect but You don't want it to go too low and right now I may look more dramatic, but when you add Mascara, it's gonna tone down a little so it's not gonna look as dramatic and like oh my goodness She – what is this like panda eyes or something? No It's like that and let's move on to this eye I'm gonna be using the same eyeshadow But I'm gonna you know taking this darker shade and I'm gonna make a smokey eye, but that is way more heavier So I'm gonna start the same like you know putting the rose gold here Then I'm gonna blend some of the primer with the golden shade and that's gonna make it stand out more I think it's gonna make it way more pigmented So it kind of becomes like a creamy eyeshadow So you see – oh my goodness This smoky eye is a little heavier, you know in the sense that it has some darker colors So of course This is more like an evening makeup Dab and next I'm gonna use some cold – some eyeliner and for that I'm using the CONFESSIONeyes

Ooh Confession So, this is a long-lasting eyeliner and I'm just gonna put it on my lower lash line and then just Take a brush and Just blend it out to make it a bit more smoky And it's not like all the way but just like a C or like a V depending from which angle you're looking at And from that – I'm gonna be using some of the most innovative products right now in the market that you know You see all kinds of brands doing this and it's called a ROLLliner So let's try this out Oh it's actually really nice because you know, usually if you have a brush Just – you know, you really have to Work it, so it doesn't become too thick and I always have that problem Like that So let's move on to mascara So for mascara, we're gonna be using the GUILTeyes so we go from confessions to guilt here So I really like this mascara because it defines your lashes so let's try it out I am really in love with the mascara I usually have the problem that my lashes lift but they are gonna – go down after sometimes then so they start to look more like, you know, they're They're gonna hurt somebody like And Then do the same on the other side So I think a mistake that many people do is that they start to kind of do this zigzag and You have to think of what kind of Mascara you have and also your lashes because if they already have a lot of mascara, you're just gonna – you know Kind of get sticky and Not defined Now when this eye looks like a spiderweb I can move on to The lips so for lips I have chosen two different shades and for my date night I'm gonna be using a classic red the reason why I chose this is because It's one of my favorite colors and I think it's a nice contrast to the hair and Also, it just brings out, you know like this sophisticated very Feminine like look and It just looks awesome And I'm gonna be using the LIPaffair The name of this shade is 100% Christina and this is like 100% beautiful And it's gonna match my Sexy little cute polka dots blouse so I'm gonna just start here Usually if I would do both I like both sides or my entire lip I would kind of start with doing like an X But since we're gonna use another color, I'm just gonna you know, follow my – the natural line that I have What is good about this is that it is a long-lasting formula, so Don't worry that it's gonna bleed out or so on so – that's why it's important to use like lip liner Not only does it define but it actually makes your lipstick stay So next step is lipstick I start to look very harmonious here, right? So for my lipstick, I'm gonna be using the LIPaffair Matte lipstick and it looks like this So I'm just gonna apply it you can use a brush if you want it more defined And even though this lipstick is a Matte, it actually has some caring properties so it won't dry out your lips For the other side I'm gonna go with a more brownish 90s like shade and it's also a bit more newish so not as you know Outstanding as this one and that is also in the matte series and I'm gonna be used in their velvet sorrow in 940 for this part, I'm not gonna be using a lip liner so you can see what the difference may be, but since It's the natural and this side is not that natural I'm gonna you know play a little and actually draw my lips to seem like they are bigger to Make them look like I did the Kylie Jenner challenge Wow, you can really see the difference

This looks like I just got stuck by a bee and then like Normal with that done – let's move on So for my blush, I'm using the BLUSHment the BLUSHment in number 10 And it has a really funny name be the game changer and this is basically Changing my game when it comes to this side because it's gonna add that special, you know a little nice Look, so just apply it take a little here and apply it I think we're done Last I want to finish this amazing dual look with Some setting spray and I think that is key When you want, you know to kind of finish your look in the way that you know, it starts to look too powdery Or in case that it looks nice, but you want it to stay on the entire night or the entire day for that I'm gonna be using the PERFECTtitude setting spray and it's 3-in-1 so you can actually also use it As a primer as a mist or you know, as I'm gonna be using it as a setting spray You see I like that it doesn't come like a splash, you know, like So this is the final result I'm so happy with it I think that you can clearly see the difference between more like soft, nice natural radiant Look that is a little flirty and the full glam BAM if you liked this video as much as I loved creating it, I hope that you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel we are releasing a new tutorial each week So hit that bell button for notifications For more information follow us on our social media to get all the updates and thank you so much for watching I hope you had a great time as I did Remember that it's all about feeling comfortable and being yourself and confidence is really what makes beauty shine true Thank you so much for watching I'll see you next time Have a great day


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