Dating – Do’s and Don’ts (1949) – Old School Dating Advice On How To Ask A Girl Out

yes mom, i've got it what's that? oh yes, the ticket he told me about

well let's see what he has to stay here's the latest on my broken ankle doc says i'll be alright only i have to stay off my feet for a week or so anyway, here the ticket for the hi-teen carnival

it's too late to turn it in, so you have yourself a time and tell me all about it one couple that means a date not like just going around with the crowd

just me and a girl well that's alright only what girl? who? how do you choose a date? whose company would you enjoy? well, one thing you can consider is looks woody thought of janice how good-looking she was he'd really have to rate the date somebody like her yes, he'd enjoy that

except, well it's too bad janice always acts so superior and bored she'd make a fellow feel awkward and inferior well perhaps someone who doesn't feel superior there's betty and yet, it just doesn't seem as if she'd be much fun

what about ann? she knows how to have a good time and how to make the fella with her relax and have fun too yes, that's what a boy likes he wants to know he's appreciated ann would be fun on a date so woddy decided he'd ask ann for this first date

but just how it should he ask her? and what if she refused? no, it won't be easy asking for that first date well woody, hi hi ed what ya doin? just thinkin don't work too hard

ed, is this private? no stick around if you like well, hellow edward i thought i heard you come in hi mom

what's for supper? oh, mom is it alright with you if i have a date saturday night? why of course you generally go out on saturday hello, may i speak to marry please? but mom this is different a date

well, i haven't asked her yet but i'd like to ann davis to the high-teen carnival oh, ann's a nice girl but, a date? well, you're rather young oh, mom

give him a break i think he can swing it we all have to start some time well if you don't overdo on dating ed knows what i mean weekend only and not too late

thanks mom oh marry, i just called to check on tonight i think i can get by a little earlier than usual how's 7:30? all right marry bye now

boy, you sure make it sound easy how do you do it? practice my boy experience but i don't think i'll know what to say what to talk about

don't worry about that just be your natural talkative old self come on, le'ts see what's for supper wait a second oh mom, is the floor dry yet? yes, you can come in

hello, mmm mrs davis? this is woody i mean, alan woodriff may i speak to ann how do you ask for a date? what about this? ann

well uh how about a date? well well really no thanks woody hmm well suppose he did it this way hi ann? what ya doin saturday night? well i

i guess i'm busy oh yeah? any chance of giving him the brush off for me? well of all the nerve! well, is there another way? ann? this is woody i had a ticket for the high-teen carnival saturday and

wel, would you like to go? why, yes woody i have to talk to my folks about it but i think i can go

that'll be fun! yeah well, should i pick you up about 8 o'clock? that's fine woody 8 o'clock saturday i think it'll be alright, but i'll let you know for sure bye

a date with woody saturday come in hi ann hi judy

what are yout doin' why aren't you the little inquisitive little sister i'm getting ready for my date tonight with woody oh, he's nice a date huh? what'll you do? go to some fancy place for dinner

no, silly we're going to the high-teen carnival and then he'll bring me home oh, that doesn't sound like much we'd have fun at the carnival, wouldn't we? oh yes

well, woody and i are going to have fun in just that way i think the important thing about a date is to have a good time you don't need to spend a lot of money to do that just enjoy whatever you do wheter it's the movies, or parties, or anything

and you leave your boyfriend with enough money so he'll ask you again my, you'll be out late why not particularly mom and dad and i have an agreement about what time to come in look, will you get my stockings from the bathroom? sure

mom! mom! do we have any cleaning fluid? there's a spot on my coat goodness, you know we have some oh dear, let me no, i'll do it that's it son

look your best your first date is mighty important yeah dad, were you excited the night of your first date? i sure was so was i

i took my date seriously a date was a major event when the night of my first date my date had a flat tire and he was an hour late and he didn't even bother to call me well, when he finally came i had to run upstairs and do my face and my hair all over again

ooo, i was so upset that fella had a lot to learn about girls your mother lost all interest in him after she met me and the moral of that story is that i should be on time tonight right? you bet and the same goes for ann any girl who can't be ready on time for a date isn't good enough for my boy

well, what are you doing? oh, go find a mirror so you can see yourself hi woody oh, hi ed good nigh eh? yeah flowers

ann won't expect flower, will she? huh? oh, i hardly think so i'm taking these to marry because it's a special occasion but of course if you want to take flowers anyway i guess there's no law against it but i don't have to unless it's a ritzy affair that's the general idea

flowers are for a prom or a very special party otherwise you don't need to say, i have to run me too see you later

i'm going folks alright ed have a nice time but when you having much fun, time goes all too fast well, it's the time ann had set for getting home

and now goodnight the end of a perfect evening but how do you say good night? perhaps don't please! but ann or it could go this way well, so long

just like that after all a girl likes to know you've had a good time so let's try saying good night again one more away well, it's getting late

yes, it is i'd ask you in for a bit to eat if it weren't so late let's plan to get home in time for a sandwich or something next time say, that sounds good i'll call you next week

will you? well, thanks so much i had loads of fun so did i goodnight woody goodnight ann

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Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations