Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? | Dating Tips

Alright guys So everybody wants to know, do the good guys finish last? And I like to equate this with nice guys and frankly, yes

But not because of what you think and there's a way to kind of work around it We want a good guy All women want to have a good guy in their life and they want someone who's nice to them But we need somebody with a masculine energy So if you are really in touch with your feminine side and you're just going to kiss our you know what all the time, we're going to lose interest

Because we want somebody to take the lead You know Whether you think that you do or you don't, most women expect the guy to be the guy So it doesn't mean that you have to be mean it just means that you have to actually take the lead You know

Be a little aggressive at times, you know, and be just the man in charge You know And it typically results in the woman, you know, enjoying your company So it's not to say that you're going finish last, it's just maybe you need to you know, amp it up a little bit Take control a little bit more and I think you'll be okay

Being a nice guy, it doesn't mean that you're going to be a complete pushover I mean and if you are a complete pushover that's kind of where the problem starts in So it's all about kind of being a little more aggressive, taking a little bit more control, having a little bit more, you know, cajones, for lack of a better word Where you actually start to act like, you know, the man in charge Whether you believe it or not, you know

But we don't want a pushover We need somebody who can, you know, be a little more, a little more masculine Because it tends to result in a more balanced relationship When you got two people that are trying to take control it doesn't work, but at the same time if your girl's, or the girl that you're interested in is really feminine, you know, she wants somebody that can compliment her

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