First Date Tips : Best Topics for Good Conversations

Let's talk politics, never What are the best topics to open a conversation? This is Dr

Paul, author of Boomer Girls, A Boomer Woman's Guide to Men and Dating, and host of Ask Dr Paul Look, I know that we all have things in common, and the best topics for conversation, are those topics that are not controversial I often tell people, it's also important for you to find out what to not do, in addition to finding out what to do Unfortunately, people say, well, let's talk about this

Well, maybe not Pets, does your friend have a pet? Let's talk about pets Everybody loves their pet, cat, dog, or whatever That's a good topic It's one that you have a common interest, and that's why people choose to have topics, that they both relate to

You need to relate to that topic, that the other has an interest in, and a common ground, so the best topic, is not the one that includes something that's volatile, like politics, but something that is meaningful,and warm, so that topic of conversation, has to be of mutual interest, and something that you find that's warm, involved, and meaningful to both parties This is Dr Paul May your fantasies of today, be your realities of tomorrow

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations