MODERN DATING ADVICE 101: A Guide to 21st Century Dating For Women

– Now I know that half of you sexy single ladies are completely fed up by today's dating scene and the other half are thinking is this even dating anymore? So I wanted to go ahead and create a little bit of clarity for you and give you a guide for today's 21st century dating scene Now let's just say that I do not endorse these actions, I'm simply explaining to you this living hell that we all find ourselves living in, thank you Tinder

And this the non-date date Now many times this is referred to as a hang out and this usually involves alcohol, flirtation, causing you to wake up with a massive hangover in complete confusion as to whether or not true love even exists anymore Ladies don't accept a hang out, you deserve at a minimum, at an absolute minimum a real date and if a guy is not willing to take you out on a date, it's because he has four other women he could hang out with if you don't hang out with him Benching, which is a verb This is essentially being inconsistent of your treatment of a person when you are unsure about how you feel about said person

Are you going out with two different guys? Not sure of who you like more, put them on the bench, see who wants it more Next, the slow fade This is where you gradually cut off communication with someone by easing the let down process over an extended period of time This is kind of like death by a thousand cuts, except it's more like death by 10 very, very slow texts Let me tell you ladies one thing, you sexy single ladies are equally guilty of this one

So here's my rule, if you only go out on one date, sure you can do the slow fade out, it's only been one date, but if you go on two dates or more, I want you to end things like a woman, just let the guy know that it's not gonna work out, you are not really interested This will give you some really good dating karma, trust me Draking, which is a verb Now this is made famous by no one other than Drake This describes someone who's behaving very emotional, irrational or completely miserable in a relationship

Is the guy sending you drunken late night texts wanting you back? That dude is draking Jelly, which is a verb Now if you hear a girlfriend say the word jelly at brunch, it's likely she doesn't mean for you to pass the delicious jelly to put on her english muffin, no, it means that she's jealous of another girl Peacocking, which is also a verb When men try to be pick up artists and dress flamboyantly to get you to notice them, is it working? Now you tell me how bad do you want this

The swerve, a verb Now this is simply avoiding someone who you have absolutely no romantic interest in Is there a guy at work who's always trying to hit on you at the Keurig machine whenever you need a freaking cup of coffee? You swerve him when you go spend four dollars at Starbucks to avoid being hit on And last but not least, cuffing season Yes, the time between Thanksgiving and spring, when people start dating purely to avoid being lonely during the winter, but believe it or not I just heard about this the other day, if you don't want a boyfriend, but you still want to be cuddled this winter, there is a solution for you

There is a service, literally it's the Uber for cuddling Get this, there's a woman, Amaku Ukpong who gets paid $80 an hour to snuggle with random dudes I get what you are thinking, and no, nothing sexual and I'm pretty sure you can sign up to be a snuggler So here's my advice to you, if you don't want a boyfriend yet, you are not sure, just go cuddle some dudes for $80 an hour, why not make some money while you are doing it? So there you have it, that is modern century dating and if you've found 21st century love and dating as absolutely laughable as I do, then it's time that we all change this conversation Laugh at this behavior for what it is, actually laughable

And if a man tries to pull this shit, laugh in his face Stand up for your standards, if a man doesn't meet them then he's fucking gone and more importantly lead by example, rise above the bull shit If you're finding that men are ghosting on you, then you better make sure as hell that you are not ghosting on other guys If you don't like when people fade out on you, then don't fade out on other people Be the better person, look love is the most beautiful emotions that humans can ever experience and don't allow all of this distraction to make you jaded

Keep getting out there, keep pushing, have high standards for yourself and have some fun while you're getting out there and meeting new people And let's all work together, create a new set of love standards that we all need to live by, so share if you agree So thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe on YouTube and also don't forget to head on over to sexyConfidencecom, we've put a link right there where a ton of amazing resources that will help you navigate today's crazy, hectic, 21st century dating scene Thank you so much for watching and I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week, bye-bye

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