Dating Rules From My Future Self S01 E02 – Türkçe Altyazılı

– What do you eat, Teriyaki? – I'il take a hummus Humus or humus? ? Seriously

I'm the 'I'm after 10 years' family, Lucy? About what The engagement? I was so busy, I didn't have time to think about it But I will definitely tell them Unless I tell you first Just hanging out

Seriously, I want everyone to know "Go away I'm at dinner" I love her so much Especially when he's not on the phone

Excuse me Are you sure you're not pregnant? – What? – No, Mom That was a joke But you want children, don't you? You can start trying – Daddy

– What? I'm thinking about the future "From hell with mother-in-law?" Are you stressed out, dear? Is that why you look tired? Yeah No no Everything is OK What's the stress? He's testing games

They're called for them, Dad It's called practice "The father despises" – Right, this – For handheld devices 'Handheld devices I have one here "His mother laughs like a Pac-man" Would you excuse me for a second? Are you sure you're not pregnant? Here's what 'B' is turning

"Remember the decision-making practice?" You mean I did that? "Yes Then you developed a technology that sent messages over time" My God I'm a genius in the future Anyone in there? One second

"Don't tell anyone We have to keep space-time continuum" So you're saying I found a way to change history But instead of defeating cancer or hunger in the world I use it to play jaw about my love life with myself How would he risk this space-time continuum? "Know how lonely we are" Look, it's an unexpected I'm facing the situation

Would you please go away? Lucy? Lucy! – Hello – What are you doing? Excuse me I was dealing with a situation that made you uncomfortable Cramps, pads, fungal infections Look, we're celebrating our engagement here, right? Then hang up and go back to the table

No? You want to marry your phone? – Is it legal in California? – Forget about it "Evidence: You've never been in love so far" How do you know you're in love? I mean, there's no standard definition of it Who can say what love really is? What happened to you last night? You've turned off your phone, you've done some weird philosophy God, don't tell me her dad's trying to grab your ass again I know what it is

When you met your fiancé's family, you discovered something different Or did his father really do it again? Friends, I really need your help, okay? As someone who has been so in love, I will answer the question Love is a whisper in your heart But sometimes, she screams The first time you met Brendan was love at first sight? Because I believe in love at first sight

You see that guy over there? I'm falling for her right now She probably saw the table claw like a sex addict Hello I'm trying something new Italian buns

It's a Bismarck cake, a Cream Horn When you talk about dough, you're so sexy Dave, from the point of view of a man, to tell us what love is tell me how you fell in love? Amanda! – What's going on? – Nothing You have doubts? I'm impressed by your emotional intelligence, pie maker

I have four sisters I can decrypt these situations Then why don't you sit down and decrypt your Lucy brother? Okay I think Brendan's in the same position as you Obviously I doubt that

You tried six times trying to propose marriage in Paris Did you know? I've tried it twice on the canal tour Then he vomited excitement Oh, pity I thought it was the sea

Brendan's never tense Men are human as well You'il find out what to do Try the scones We thank you

I think he's right I put a lot on Brendan I'm the bad one He threw up on the River, but I didn't even say a proper yes to him I gotta go

Do you think he loves her or not? I realized that if he and Brendan had no relationship We lose the connection with Dave, which that means no access to free food

I mean, I'm broke Can I have the salt? Absolutely I'm taking yours – Please give me a command – Read the message

You asked someone to tell you what to do And I'm telling you that he made the biggest mistake of our lives – Write a message to the unknown – It's a message Look, I don't know who it is

But you couldn't prove it was me, because I was in love, still in love Go find someone else to go and go crazy, because I'm not crazy I owe you an apology Do you want to answer him first? You were very patient with me, and I selfish

I was just thinking about the future I was myself, so I am today But I love you So yes The answer is yes

Let 's do it When you say, do you mean sex, right? Because there's a proper servant cabinet and I have three minutes before the meeting

"Leave this one!" Translation: £ NJOY twittercom/__enjoy__

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations