Do’s and Don’ts of a First Date

There is a lot of pressure and expectations that come with a first date Probably one of the biggest is how to make sure you make a good enough impression that a second date is in your future

In this edition, we will take the guy’s perspective By no means is this tutorial definitive, but it should have you on your way Follow these simple do’s and don’ts and you should find yourself out on the town with that special lady again Let’s observe as Kyle goes through the proper way to prepare for a date Brushing your teeth is always a smart idea

How about that, he even remembered to floss His dentist would be so pleased A little hair gel to style your hair Good call Perfect! Way to look like the Biebs, Kyle

Lets watch DB, as he ignores all these important steps It’s almost like he doesn’t even care What’s this? Beer? Really? Not only do you smell but she’s going to think you’re a drunk too Kyle knows that first impressions last so he wants to make this count Not only is he punctual, he even brought a flower

Looks like we have a regular Casanova on our hands I wonder how DB is going to handle this situation No, no, no, put the phone away Your attention needs to be on her Meanwhile, Kyle seems to be doing a fantastic job

Notice he opens the door for her Looks like chivalry still exists Judging by that smile I would say someone is enjoying this date so far And now enters DB Is there still hope for him? I guess not

Apparently chivalry died a long time ago with this one I’m beginning to think his phone is permanently fused to his hand Must be why he is always using it Now back to Kyle Let’s see how dinner goes

Pulling out her chair for her is certainly a suave move He even thanks the waitress Such a polite gentleman The conversation seems to be going great Looks like he is really impressing his date

Now for the check Kyle is prepared He has cash and a credit card The last thing you want is to have no form of payment or forget your wallet all together It pains me to even watch but lets see how DB will screw this up

Seating himself first and then immediately demanding service Guys, ladies love manners If you don’t have them…get them Apparently there is no pleasing DB and it looks like his date is beginning to realize that What nerve, is he actually suggesting that his date pay for dinner? I have heard of dine and dash but never seen it done to a date

Kyle takes the time to teach his date how to play pool and it looks like its working Sadly DB is nowhere to be found I bet he is on his phone Surprise surprise With a smile like that I think it is safe to say Kyle will get that second date

After all, he did follow proper first date procedure DB on the other hand didn’t I don’t think he’s too broken up about the rejection though At least he has his precious phone to keep him company Now there is one happy looking guy

What’s this? It’s his date and it looks like she is looking forward to a second date Great work Kyle!

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Dating Conversations



Dating Conversations

Dating Conversations