3 Red Flags in Dating Japanese Girls

Hey, what's up guys? Now, I keep saying this all the time in my channel find your love! Find your love! Find your love! Find your love Find your love

Find your love Find your love But, in reality, Many foreign guys in Japan give up dating Not even thinking about dating a Japanese girl Hey, dude! Are you really okay with that? Think about it, Dating is one of the most exciting experiences in your life

Why do you give up just because you are in Japan? So, if you are single right now, I highly recommend you to have a girlfriend Even if you think, "Oh, being single is okay!", trust me, having a relationship is much better for you It makes your life MORE AWESOME! I'm not saying being single is bad That's okay, sometimes, it's good But my point is, if you got a girlfriend your life got better! Because more likely, you try to improve yourself

Having said that, your girlfriend shouldn't be anyone Only quality girl, right? But, a lot of guys think like this – "Oh, I'm okay! I'm open to anyone, any girl, I don't mind!" When it comes to dating, women are more careful about choosing a guy But men are much more careless Most guys only care about looks of women Don't think about personality so much

That's why I'm going to tell you three types of Japanese girl your should definitely avoid in Japan Number one! This girl is only attracted to your race or country It's called Gaijin (foreigner) hunter Let's say you are white American guy Just because of that fact, she likes you

Maybe she's crazy about American culture, or white guy, because quite rare in Japan Or, maybe because she just wants to practice English that's RED FLAG! Even if she is very, very attractive, like super model stay away from her Your are not just an American guy! You are not free English practice machine! Every American is totally different Different style, different background, different likes and dislikes If she doesn't understand that, she's going to be disappointed every time you do something not typically American Your personality is something individual, only you have

Nothing to do with your race, or country Number two! This girl is only attracted to your money Even if you are not rich guy, you might come across this type of girl in Japan Every time you guys go on a date, she expects you to pay all the money No matter what

She constantly demands you to buy expensive luxuries Now, maybe you are thinking, "Come on, Nobita, I know! That's too obvious" Who would like to date that kind of girl? but unfortunately, in reality, so many guys are actually dating that kind of girl and keep paying money, until going bankrupt! I've seen that many times Even if you know, that girl, is bitch Sometimes, you cannot just turn down, because she is super hot like celebrity

In Japan, some women think like this Men should always pay money That's normal! If a girl you're going to be dating thinks like that please walk away Immediately Remember, men and women should be equal Being a guy doesn't mean you have to pay all the money, all the time

If you don't want to pay Don't Don't care about what society tells you Number three! This girl is always not honest

Whatever you say, she always agrees with you She tries to please everybody Even supplicating For example, when you ask "Hey, where do you want to go for dinner? What kind of restaurant?" she always has NO opinion Just goes along with you

Now, maybe you are thinking "Nobita, what's wrong with you?" "That's exactly the girl I want to date! Submissive girl" Are you really sure? She's not going to tell you what she really wants, all the time Everything she says is lie How can you trust her? How can you make real connection with her? Do you really want that kind of fake relationship? Japanese people, in general, have a tendency to try to avoid conflict or argument And some girls don't tell you anything honestly just the superficial

But remember, in a relationship, Fighting or argument occasionally is necessary process That's heresy When it comes to dating, especially Japanese girls, You have to make sure To realize who she is as early as possible Because many girls are quite fake If you have been single quite a long time just like me, Maybe you are getting desperate right? I know the feeling

But please be careful! You have to look for some red flags that will cause you big problems in the relationship in the future Remember, you are high quality guy no matter who you are! Don't underestimate yourself Not all women are qualified for you

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